Land Transfers

Marvin Russell Barnes and other to Marvin Russell Barnes and other, 1.0, 5.917, 2.4560 acres, Mayo River.

David C. Busick to Josephine Ellen Culler, 5.283 acres, Dan River.

Ace Chapman and other to Bobby LLE Money and other, 0.4255, Peters Creek.

James R. Chisman and other to Bailey Financial LLC, lot, Blue Ridge.

Edward R. Coleman  and other to Thomas Nash Coleman,  0.4963, 2.0301, 1.4160 acres,  Mayo river.

Commonwealth of Virginia to David L. Harrell, 1.1725 acres, Blue Ridge.

Marvin L. Conner to Michael Lane Conner, 9 1/2 acres, Smith River.

Marvin L. Conner to Sharon Conner Mabe, 10 1/2 acres, Smith River.

Marvin L. Conner to Michael Lane Conner, 82.26 acres, Smith River.

Michael Lane Conner to Sharon Conner Mabe, 11 5/8, 66.028 acres, Smith River.

Crossroads Rentals LLC. to Annette C. Turner,  6.386, 3.614 acres, Mayo River.

Crossroads Rentals LLC. to Billy W. Godwin Jr. and other, 4.073, 1.000 acres, Dan River.

Larry Scott Davis and other to Franklin Scott Davis, lots, Smith River.

Rigdon Osmond Dees III to Barbara Love Lowe and other, lot, Blue Ridge.

Franklin D. Ellison to Kenneth D. Marshall and other, 4.23 acres, Mayo River.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Cor. to Amanda Nicole Clement and other, 0.718 acres, Dan River.

Lori H. Fox to Nelson M. Fox III and other, 41.590 acres, Mayo River.

Rebecca A. Fuller and other to Scott E. McIntyre and other, 10.014 acres, Mayo River.

Jeffrey T. Glass and other to Whistler Properties LLC., 5.843 acres, Blue Ridge.

Alfred Kent Goodwin and other to Alfred Kent Goodwin and other, 6.7262, 5.0032, 31. 5536, 30.9220, 18.9372 acres, Smith River.

Lawrence Troy Gregory and other William W. Hughes and other, 0.467 acres, Peters Creek.

Michael Gress and other to James V. Trudeau and other, 2.432 acres, Dan River.

Susie V. Hairston to Susie V. Hairston and other, 2.8068, 4.1993 acres, Smith River.

Betty L. Handy to Lisa H. Spangler, 0.837 acres, Mayo River.

James E. Harris to Stephen A. Chavez and other, 8.765 acres, Smith River.

Randy Keith Hill to Amanda Christine Hill, 0.75, 32.2622, 1.6695, 0.638, 98.79, 0.3 acres, Dan River.

James R. Jackson to Josephine Ellen Culler, 3.636 acres, Dan River.

Marcia W. Jones and other to Leo E. White Jr., 1.4999 acres, Mayo River.

Delores M. Jordan to Maria C. Tanner, 2.0802 acres, Dan River.

Melody Dove Justice and other to Melody Dove Justice, 5.811 acres, Mayo River.

Melody Dove Justice and other to Melody Dove Justice, 3.889 acres, Mayo River.

Richard F. Knapp and other to William Allan Meyers, 10.90 acres, Smith River.

Carroll E. Lawson to Tudor Woods Properties LLC., 0.697 acres, Mayo River.

David L. Lawson Sr. and other to David L. Lawson Jr. and other, 3.00 acres, Dan River.

Phillip E. Lecky to Daniel W. Scott and other, 0.9094 acres, Smith River.

Gloria June Loflin Gronsten to Gloria G. Loflin, 0.4519 acres, Blue Ridge.

Richard Epps M. to Kirkland Financial LLC., 8.77 acres.

Charles A. Matthewes and other to Larry Gunnell and other, 1 acre, Dan River.

Kevin C. Mott and other to Kevin C. Mott, 53.024 acres, Mayo River.

Kevin C. Mott and other to Basil K. Mott and other, 106.158 acres, Mayo River.

Mary Jane Murphy to David M. Cannaday and other, 1.50 acres, Smith River.

Jeffrey N. Nehring to Michael Joseph Kerce and other, 3.868 acres, Mayo River.

Jerry A. Pendleton to James Tanner Barbour, 4.41 acres, Mayo River.

Catherine M. Reid to Carl Scott Wood and other, 3.607 acres, Blue Ridge.

Viola C. Russell to Randall Edward Boggs and other, 8.240 acres, Smith River.

Donald P. Shelor to Jesse S. Shelor and other, 3.395 acres.

Donald P. Shelor to Susan Shelor Deck, 9 acres, Blue Ridge.

Donald P. Shelor to Donald P. Shelor and other, 24.35 acres, Blue Ridge.

Susan C. Slate to Harold Dean Goad and other, 3.2655 acres, Mayo River.

Kolisha Stermer to Hunter Dean Rogers, 11.850 acres, Mayo River.

Ann T. Stewart and other Betty T. Gordon, 8.012, 1.3270 acres, Mayo River.

Ronald A. Terry to Kok C. Sheldon and other, 3.65 acres, Blue Ridge.

Triple C of Mount Airy LLC. to Barber Street Investments LLC. 1.087 acres.

Thomas F. Turner and other to Robert W. Gillikan II and other, 8.8186 acres, Blue Ridge.

United States of America and other to Daniel Robert Zehl, 0.555 acres, Mayo River.

William R. Wands and other to Deborah S. Howell, 1.2923 acres, Dan River.

Tully G. Welborn to Aron Wayne Montgomery Jr. and other, 49.819, 0.83, 2.00 acres, Dan River.
Tracy Renee Westmoreland to Steven Craig Alderman, tracts.

Kevin Neil Willis to Patricia S. Young, 26.6964 acres, Dan River.

Patricia S. Young to Sandra Young Moore and other, 26.6964 acres, Dan River.



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