Letter : Photo contest


Greetings from the NRV Sheep and Goat Club. We would like to inform you of our club’s photo contest which has been running on Facebook.  This week is the third and final round, with winners being announced on Friday night.

We ran the photo contest just as something fun for our members, and posted the photos on Facebook for all of our followers to vote on.  The first category was “cutest lamb or kid”, the second was “funniest photo”, and this week’s category is “most beautiful farm,” and wow, are there some beautiful photos there.

Since everyone seems to be enjoying it so much, we thought we’d let you know about it and maybe your readers would enjoy the photos just as much, as well as the description of each farm that was attached to the first week’s photos.

Our club is always looking for new members. We support and promote the sheep and goat agri-business in the New River Valley and surrounding areas. We even have a few member farms from outside the area, because there aren’t any other clubs around for them to learn from and for networking.

See all of our photos at: www.facebook.com/thesheepgoatclub.

Thank you.


Marilyn Meadows

Communications Director


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