Letter Re: taxes


The letter to the editor regarding taxation article dated April 12 indicated I voted for a tax increase, Not so.

I have not and will not vote for any increase in Patrick County taxes or debt. Also I will continue to oppose budgets that are not balanced with revenue.  Our economy will not support more taxation or debt.

Below is from minutes regarding 2014/15 tax increase,

“Mr. Rose recommended the Board a revenue neutral rate of .545 in order to collect revenue that it is currently collecting at .48 cents.

On a motion made by Lock Boyce to set the revenue neutral rate to .545 per $100 real estate, seconded by Crystal P. Harris and carried 4 to 1.

Voting Aye: Boyce, Foley, Harris, Weiss. Voting Nay: Hayden.”

Patrick County is continuing negative growth with one of the highest per capita debt rates in the state. Patrick The county 2015 audit presented to the Patrick County Board of Supervisors February 8, 2016 showed county debt at $67,119,568 or $3,591 per capita.

Roger T Hayden
Board of Supervisors
Dan River District