Letter: Tax rate


Reading the Enterprise’s report of the Patrick County Board of Supervisors’ public hearing on setting the real estate tax rate, I have some corrections to make and an observation.First, the property tax rate in Floyd County is 55/100 which is lower than the 57/100 in Patrick County.Secondly, the largest real estate tax rate increase since 2006 in Patrick County was for 2014-2015. That change was unanimously approved by the board.My observation is at the time the Patrick County Board of Supervisors changed the real estate tax billing to twice a year they also should have changed the “budget calendar.” Mr. Fulcher had it right, quoted in the Enterprise saying “To me, you need to have your budget established before you can determine what your tax rate should be.”  A common sense fix is for the Patrick County Board of Supervisors to order a “budget calendar” change to assure the county budget is done in March. It would be a service to the taxpayers too.Bill MooreWoolwine


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