Letter: Thanks

On Saturday, July 8 a yard sale at the Meadows of Dan Community Building raised $4,163.59 for the Patrick County Bookmobile Fund

Many members of the Meadows of Dan community came together for this special event. The Meadows of Dan Women’s Club provided the food sold that day.

When we asked who to thank, we were given this modest answer: “The bookmobile is a much needed resource for our community. We couldn’t have done this event without the generous support, hard work and donations from all over Meadows of Dan.”

That being said, we wanted to thank the Meadows of Dan community for their fund-raising efforts on behalf of the Bookmobile Fund. We know that donations came in from all over the area and many people worked countless hours to organize and make the event a success.

Thank you all!


Rick Ward
Director of the Blue Ridge Regional Library System;

Garry Clifton
Patrick County Library Branch Manager;

Tammy Cope
Bookmobile Coordinator


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