Letter to Editor

Well I did get some replies to my challenge to give a good reason to vote for the Republican Candidate.

None, of which would have changed my mind even if I hadn’t already voted early at the Registrar’s office in Stuart two weeks ago. Which, by the way was quick and easy. Try it.

In July of 1953, I contracted Polio – a mild case as it turned out. Twelve years later I am an RA in the Army and served 14 months in a war zone – Vietnam – September 1965 to November 1966. I extended my tour of duty for two months to get an “Early-out.” Military life really wasn’t for me – my up bringing in a Quaker community whose ancestors had been involved in helping run-away slaves reach Canada had left a pacifist leaning on my personality- I believe in standing up for what is right in a non-violent way.

The Republican Candidate has broken or violated every Christian principle I’d ever heard of: lust, greed, adultery, lies, thievery. If you claim to be Christian and vote for this candidate, you are being hypocritical. And if this Covid-19 virus is a “God Thing;” what kind of a god is that? How can Clarence Collins say that the Republican Candidate believers in Biblical values when his record of lies and rapes and “pay offs” to prostitutes is public knowledge? This Republican Candidate deserves the no respect and his defeat will put American back on the path to being “great again.”

David Sheley,




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