Letter to the Editor

I have written two letters in the past weeks and did not intend to write anymore. After reading “The Enterprise” this week (10/28/20) I had to write another to commend Mr. David Robinette, Jr. on his well-written letters these past few weeks. He summed up the facts so elegantly. And also I need to clarify an error in my letter “To the Editor” (10/21/20) where I wrote about reasons to vote for President Trump. I said, “How about record jobs and low employment.” It should have said low unemployment.

The letter written by Mr. Sheley this week (10/28/20) stated my reference to Covid -19 as being a God thing and then asked “what kind of God is that? God is all solvent, He can do anything. Everything is in His hands. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes. I don’t think God gave us this Covid-19, it came from the evils of man.  But He gave us “free will. We, as humans, cannot control these things on our own. We can help work toward a solution, but the final say is in God’s hands.

Mr. Sheley also said, “If you claim to be a Christian and vote for this man, you are being hypocritical. I don’t  just claim to be a Christian, I Am A CHRISTIAN AND I AM NOT ASHAMED TO SAY IT!  And as a Christian, I am going to vote for Trump. I suspect when this election is over there will be millions of us hypocritical people that stood up for Trump.

So many accuse Trump of such hideous acts and violent behavior. I wish some of these would show me concrete proof of these accusations instead of listening to media biased reporting. 

I know the election will be over by the time this letter comes out but I wanted to clarify my position on this issue. I would never call anybody hypocritical because of the way they vote. Everyone has a right to their own opinions. No matter the outcome of the election, I just pray that God’s will to be done for this nation.

Last, I want to thank The Enterprise for giving everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions in the paper. I appreciate it very much.

Clarence Collins,



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