Letter to the Editor

Our county of Patrick has many problems which all go back to creating growth of our businesses. We have an access point for natural gas in our county which has never been used. Carroll County took advantage of one and saved jobs at Mohawk. During their time of ownership of a natural gas system, more than 300 new jobs were created and their industrial park was 100 percent filled for the first time and 154 jobs at Mohawk were saved.

Our jail, since it was built, has bought $213,049 worth of propane. Other businesses like the nursing home, Narrowflex, county schools, Ten Oaks, HanesBrands, and closed businesses like the hospital and Stuart Flooring, could have cut their operating costs and saved jobs and created new ones.

With the election coming up we have hope for the future of Patrick County. Make your vote count in November. No growth means more tax increases.

Thank you,

Danny Foley

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