Letter to the Editor


The recent discussions and resolution concerning the one-buck fee tried out at the local area sanitation station revealed a couple positive and noteworthy aspects of human activity.
First, maybe folk are seeing that sanitation, of all our government services, is the most critical of all. Although not so glamorous, it is most essential. On the surface, people might just think about trash along our streets and highways, however, the term “sanitation” needs to be taken quite literally. Keeping our trash under control also serves to prevent and control serious diseases rampant in places where sanitation departments do not exist.
Another remarkable facet of the controversy is that some people (leaders included) actually changed their minds (a feat few humans can accomplish with any regularity.) we saw some low allegations (employees pocking the buck) based on zilch facts. Not a shred of real evidence, but how many believed this fiction? Who says that Chicken-Little is mostly in charge of our society?
After due consideration, Chicken-Little did not rule for once, and we have a well-run sanitation department. It keeps us clean and safe from disease that would otherwise be increasingly wide spread.
Well, enough talking trash for me.
Tex Wood