Letter to the Editor – Pro Stirewalt

It’s said that you can’t keep a good woman down and that’s true when it comes to Denise Stirewalt, Peters Creek District candidate for the Patrick County Board of Supervisors. Denise has the experience and insight that we need right now in Patrick County. She has worked for the County Administrator, Economic Development and tourism. She understands what must be done and how to get things done. She knows how the government wheels turn and how to fix things when they run off of the track.
Someone recently called Denise “a disgruntled employee.” Nothing could be further from the truth! She pointed out issues that needed to be identified and brought to light, sought positive resolutions and made the right choices for herself, her family and our community. “Disgruntled employees” sue their employers when they’ve been wronged. Denise chose the high road, she stood proud and told the truth. She didn’t sue, she chose to involve herself more fully and to run for election to fix the problems. She felt that the people of Patrick County had been wronged, not her. That’s courage. Denise won’t allow the truth to be hidden from the public! She values truth, honesty and transparency.
Denise Stirewalt is THE representative we need on the Board of Supervisors! She will not only work for those in Peters Creek she will work for all citizens in Patrick County. Take a few minutes to call her, email her or go out and actually meet with her. If you do you will be convinced Denise is exactly what we need right now to create positive change in Patrick County.

Trena Anderson,

Patrick County, VA Public Schools Watchdog Group


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