Local scouts attend merit college

Approximately 175 Scouts throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains Council area attended the 2019 Patrick Henry and Great Valley Merit Badge College at Franklin County High School in Rocky Mount. Scouts earned merit badges from several courses of their choice, including Automotive Maintenance, Emergency Preparedness, Electricity & Plumbing, Communications, Photography, Family Life, Digital Technology, Programming, Citizenship in the Nation, Aviation, Astronomy and Dog Care.

Among those to attend from Patrick Springs Boy Scout Troop #69 were Kyle Handy, Hunter Heath, Zach Heath, Toby Hooker, Caleb Murphy, Owen Nutter, Cameron Roark, Kieran Rodriguez, Josiah Spangler, Levi Spangler, Dyson Spence, Payton Stovall and Ty Stowe-Holt.

The purpose of the Merit Badge College is to offer Scouts an opportunity to meet with highly qualified professionals to learn, foster the development of lifelong interests and earn merit badges needed for advancement towards ranks, including required badges for Eagle Scout.


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