Longwood SBDC offers GrowthWheel classes

Time is precious, especially for a small business owner who may be juggling ten or more responsibilities at any given time. But what if there were a way to focus your energies and prioritize your decision making to be the most efficient and positive possible?
The Longwood Small Business Development Center (SBDC) will be offering a series of six classes introducing the GrowthWheel, an innovative methodology that allows busy business owners to maximize their potential through focused decision making. Initial classes will be offered in Martinsville, Rocky Mount, Gretna, Stuart and Danville between May 26 and June 8.
The classes are open to the public, with a small fee to cover materials and a meal. They are designed for people in the early stages of business ownership looking for concrete tools to achieve measurable goals and growth.
Business owners experience a near-constant drain on their time, energy and decision making processes. The GrowthWheel allows key decisions to be prioritized, equipping entrepreneurs to do more in the same amount of time.
Michael Duncan, a serial entrepreneur and SBDC adviser, will be leading the GrowthWheel sessions. According to Duncan, the GrowthWheel approach is a game changer for businesses.
“The GrowthWheel is a method that helps business owners see their business holistically,” Duncan said. “Its four main functions allow the entrepreneurs to assess current situations, focus on a specific agenda, make key decisions and follow up with concrete actions.”
Attendees can expect to learn how to successfully tackle critical issues related to managing and running a business, receive hands-on training applicable to their experiences and leave with clear next steps for immediate, measurable growth.
“Everything in life and business is interdependent,” Duncan said. “The GrowthWheel helps business owners take a big-picture assessment of their situation but also enables them to create a specific, detailed plan of action to make the most out of every decision and second.”
The introduction of the GrowthWheel is just one of the many ways that the Longwood Small Business Development Center fosters the growth of regional small businesses. The SBDC provides one-on-one counseling and support to current and prospective entrepreneurs and is comprised of a network of seasoned business professionals throughout the southern Virginia region.
For more information on attending one of the GrowthWheel training sessions, contact The Longwood Small Business Development center at (434) 395-2086 or visit www.sbdc-longwood.com/growthwheel.


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