Meeting called by supervisor

A Patrick County supervisor is calling for a special meeting to be held before the end of 2017 to discuss the terms of an employment contract.

Dan River District Supervisor Roger Hayden, who will end his tenure on Dec. 31, said he is requesting a special meeting, with plans to ask his fellow supervisors to retract a vote taken earlier this month on the County Administrator Tom Rose’s employment contract.

The six-month contract was approved in 2011, according to Hayden who helped craft it. He said it would automatically renew at the end of each six-month period.

Rose’s employment contract states in part, that after the initial year of Jan. 11, 2011 through Jan. 10, 2012, it would remain in effect indefinitely, with a six month recurring term at all times.

At their regular meeting, a majority of the board voted to extend the term of Rose’s contract from six to 12 months.

Supervisors Karl Weiss, of the Blue Ridge District and Rickie Fulcher, of the Peters Creek District, both supported a motion by Lock Boyce, of the Mayo River District, with Hayden and Crystal Harris, board chairman of the Smith River District, both voted against it.

Hayden said he voted against the motion because he said it “was not in Tom’s interests at all.” Additionally, “you cannot add time to a floating contract once it’s locked in. This is a perpetual contract, which means it has no end” unless the two parties determined to part ways.

“This vote did not help Tom because he had the best contract anyone could ask for,” Hayden said, adding he plans to ask the board to revert to the contract approved in 2011.

A date for the special meeting had not been announced at press time.


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