Miss Virginia visits Patrick Springs Primary

Aaliyah Scales

Third-grade students at Patrick Springs Primary School met Dot Kelly, the presiding Miss Virginia, who spoke with them about health, wellness, and prevention on Thursday, Jan. 30, as part of her Miss Virginia School Tour.

Explore Program students from first and second grades. L to R: Kira Barker, James Pombo, Kaitlyn Gunter, Kenneth Craig, Asher Vaughn.

Students received a copy of Virginia ABC’s educational Elementary Activity Workbook, which sets the stage for a lifetime of promoting health and safety through being informed, approachable and a good leader. Mrs. Pam Hylton, school counselor, arranged this opportunity for students at no cost to the county. Students in the Explore program were also invited to participate in this event.

Mrs.Welsh’s 3rd grade. Front row L to R – Cooper Wikstrom, Brianna Murphy, Maddyson Kendrick, Zoey Slate. Middle row L to R – Diesel Sanchez, Sarah Hagwood, Chloe Arthur, Ben Hall, Mackenzie Harris, Ava Rigney, Evan Leon-Vargas, Jayson Turney; back row L to R – Gabby Reynolds, Miss Virginia (Dot Kelly), Tiffany Eckrote, and Kristen Welsh (teacher)

During her visit, Miss Virginia provided a foundation of encouragement for young students to understand healthy choices. The Miss Virginia School Tour message aligns with the Virginia Standards of Learning for Advocacy and Health Promotion, Essential Health Concepts and Healthy Decisions.  Those standards include demonstrating knowledge of how to identify what is safe and healthy for their bodies, learning what positive choices are and how to make them and how to say “no” when something is not healthy for their bodies, identifying what it means to be a leader in their community and among their friends, and being able to identify who is a trusted adult and understand the role they play in their lives.








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