Most Virginians can file taxes free, electronically

Well over 70 percent of Virginians can prepare and electronically file their tax returns free, saving them time and money.
Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Tax Commissioner Craig Burns and members of the General Assembly emphasized this point during a public briefing Wednesday at the Library of Virginia.
“Free File is an important resource that enables eligible Virginians to receive the full amount of their well-earned tax refund,” said Gov. McAuliffe. “I encourage everyone (who qualifies) in Virginia to use Free File.” He said the Free File program is a great example of the public and private sectors working together.
Five tax-preparation software providers are available under the Virginia Free File program. Each has its own eligibility requirements for using its return-preparation software, including adjusted gross income, age, and whether the taxpayer is eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit.
“By making it easier for people to file electronically, we are helping all Virginians,” said Burns.
Another way to complete and e-File individual tax returns free is by using Fillable Forms, an online version of the 760 resident return. Individuals can fill out their state tax returns online and then e-File them free. While all resident taxpayers can use this option for completing their return, there are a few limitations for filing a Fillable Form electronically.
In 2015, taxpayers filed more than 3.2 million tax returns, or about 80 percent, electronically. E-Filing is the fastest and easiest way to file tax returns in Virginia. That is completely opposite from 15 years ago, when 80 percent of taxpayers filed on paper.
To access all of Virginia’s filing options, go to, hover over “Online Services” at the top, and then click “e-File Virginia Individual Tax Return.”


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