Mountain Top Party Line

Pictured: Shirlien Boyd Belcher with her brother Sheldon Boyd on the steps of Mr. Daniel DeHart’s porch. This photo was made about 50 years ago (July 26). I remember the DeHarts. My dad worked for Mr. DeHart, and Mrs. DeHart grew Dahlias and brought them to church. Thanks Beverly Woody for this photo.

By Ivalien Reynolds

I’m really enjoying my Amish books that came in the mail or by UPS. I found them on the porch in a chair. I don’t know who they are from, but it was a big blessing. You sure brightened my day, and I have some good reading material.

Church in the parking lot again. It was nice, but a little warm. Sam the dog was around greeting people. Mike and Sue Hall parked next to me. She got out and came to the car and we rubbed elbows- no hugs.

Went to Circle K to get my gas- a hamburger and diet Pepsi. When I got to checkout, a nice gentleman stepped up and paid for everything. Thank you. It was nice to see this nice couple.

Got a beautiful card from Beverly Woody with Amish scene on it and there are beautiful Amish Quilts hanging on a fence. Love the Amish.

The food ministry fixed me a really nice box of food, and Linda Roberts gave me a pizza for William and Gladys Collins, and I gave it to them on my way home. Wish I could have gone in and visited a while.  Maybe soon, I hope.

Then, I had so much food in my box that I shared it with my neighbor beside me. Lots of blessings floating around. Also, Keith Medley came and got the trash.

The money from the White House and President will come in handy, won’t it. Bills always come, don’t they?

I was happy to go by William and Gladys Collins’ house and take them a pizza from the food Ministry. Maybe soon things will get better and I can visit. Sure miss my chats with Mrs. Foley and the Collins.

It was time to go the Elizabeth’s Pizza and get my nerve pill, which is a big hamburger.

I was saddened to see in the paper that a child under 5 years old had the virus. So much sadness these days, and some people I know have it.

It’s raining as I write this. Makes me think of the song “it’s a rainy night in Georgia.” I’ll be waiting for sunshine to come back.

Take care. Be safe.  God bless you all. Hello to every at The Enterprise. Miss seeing you all.


Food for Thought- Sometimes in times like we are going through now, it’s easy to get bogged down. But if you go out and gaze at the stars on a clear night we are blessed to be a part of your magnificent creation. That you also call for us is the best gift of all.


Ranch Cheese Log

1 jar chipped beef

2 (8 oz.) packages of cream cheese, softened

1 envelope Ranch Dressing Mix

Chopped nuts

Soak beef in water to lessen salt. Drain on paper towels. Cut into small pieces. Mix the cream cheese and Ranch Dressing Mix together. Add the beef. Roll into a log or ball and then roll in the nuts. Chill and serve with crackers of your choice.


Easy Punch

2 two-liter bottles of Sprite, chilled

1 large bottle White Grape Juice, chilled

Chill the Sprite and Grape juice. Combine in a punch bowl and serve.


Helpful hint – never soak vegetables after slicing. They will lose a lot of their nutritional value.








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