Mountain Top Party Line

Pictured is my aunt Katherine Boyd. She was the aunt that let me go with her and my uncle Alvy when they were dating. She was the aunt that cooked good things, made crafts and left her house unlocked at Meadows of Dan when she had to take my uncle Alvy to the hospital in Roanoke. She left the doors unlocked and said someone might need to get in during snowstorm. The big snow came, and a lady and her child spent the night in a warm house. The lady left a note and some money because they had eaten some meals and were warm that night. That’s the way my aunt was. I’m sad about her passing, but have so many good memories.

By Ivalien Reynolds

On July 3rd, we had a big thunderstorm and lots of much needed rain here. This storm made me think of my next-door neighbor Marilyn Archer when she was living. She loved snow and storms, and she would have loved that storm. I’m thankful for the rain.

On Thursday it was time to go to Elizabeth’s Pizza and get my hamburger all the way, with lots of everything. Boy it was delicious. I only get a hamburger when I’m upset, which isn’t too often. I made two meals off this burger and felt so much better. It’s called “comfort food.”

Church was held church in the parking lot again. Sam the dog came looking for this treat and I had some. It sure will be nice to do something normal, and on Aug. 2, we were able to back in the church.

A gentleman came by on Saturday and asked if I wanted some yellow squash and zucchini. Of course, I said yes. They were really nice, big squash. I don’t know for sure who he was because he was wearing a mask. If you read The Party Line- thank you so much. You made my day brighter.

It’s been a sad time for me in the loss of my aunt Katherine Boyd, but I have lots of memories of good times with her. I appreciate her daughter Joyce calling me and telling me about the service and funeral.

Thanks to Beverly Woody for calling me and we had a nice conversation, tell Mark and Blue hello.

The Food Ministry at church has really been blessed with lots of food. The people could get whole bags of cabbage if they wanted them, lots of milk, eggs, fruit, and veggies. All the people that came were nice and I enjoy talking to them.

Hello to the folks at the Enterprise. I miss seeing you.

It sure was nice to see Dorothy Vipperman. I miss going to her house and our chats.

Until next time- God bless and stay safe.


Food for thought- Let us do more than accept our Salvation. Let us praise our values in our daily lives.



Italian Sausage Strata

½ lb. Italian sausage

½ green pepper, chopped

1 medium onion, chopped

1 16 oz. Can tomatoes, drained

½ loaf Italian bread, sliced

3 eggs

2 ½ cup milk

1 tsp. salt

½ cup grated parmesan cheese

Brown sausage, drain. Stir in green peppers and onion. Sauté until tender, add tomatoes; cook for 15 minutes. In a greased 8 x 8 pan, layer half of bread slices, sausage mixture and other half of bread slices. Beat egg, milk, and salt. Pour over bread, top with cheese. Refrigerate for one hour. Bake 325 degrees for one hour. Let stand for 10 minutes before cutting.





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