Mountain Top Party Line

Pictured: While going through some photos, I found this one of my cousin Shirlien Boyd Belcher. Looks like someone surprised her.

By Ivalien Reynolds

As I take my daily ride in Patrick Springs, I enjoy the flowery trees and plants blooming, then I always look at the words Hope on the bank at Providence Church – and it gives me hope.

Goodness, I had two hamburgers from Elizabeth’s this week. Boy! They were good. That’s what I do when someone upsets me. It’s my comfort food and then I feel better.

I enjoyed Cory Higgs article in The Enterprise the other week about his road trip. I’ve enjoyed some on that same route.

Sure did enjoy Edna Hill when she called me. We had a nice talk and it brightened my day a lot – Thank you!

The parking lot service at PSPHC was very nice. Sam the Church Dog came and was greeting people in their cars. At the end of the service, he came to my car and I opened the door to pet him. Pastor Marion was ending the service with prayer. I told Sam time to pray. He put his head in my lap. When the last Amen was said, he was saying goodbye to the people and on the go again. I’ve always said “Sam is half person.”

Enjoyed some time with neighbor Teresa Martin when she came by to bring me some home grown eggs from my friend Dorothy Vipperman – then I called Dorothy to thank her and we had a good conversation. I sure appreciate all my friends.

It really made my day when my neighbor Mrs. Hiatt brought the baby over to see me. Of course they had to stay their distance. She walked and he walked very fast when put on the ground after they got there. He is a miracle and a joy- So sweet and so cute.

You all take care, pray for each other and our county.

To The Enterprise, maybe I can get back up there to see you sometime. Take care, God bless and I miss you.

Food for Thought- Only God can turn heartbreak into hope, despair into deliverance.


Creole English Peas

1 small onion, chopped

1 medium green pepper, chopped

1 (14 oz.) can tomatoes

1 tbsp. butter

1 cup grated American cheese (divided)

1 (15oz.) English peas

salt and red pepper to taste

In a medium saucepan, cook onion, green pepper and tomatoes until thick. Add butter, salt and red pepper. Cook until very little juice is left. Blend half of the cheese into mixture. Add peas, mix and pour into a 2 qt. casserole dish. Spread top with remaining cheese. Bake at 350-degrees for 20 minutes. Yields 4-6 servings.


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