NCI’s Internship Program improves regional workforce

Thanks to New College Institute’s internship program, 575 college students have completed internships in our region since 2007.

NCI is currently recruiting for 2019 summer interns in career sectors including healthcare, social work, business, marketing, manufacturing, robotics, digital media, video production, and public school administration.

NCI’s summer internship program provides students with hands-on work experience and introduces
up-and-comers to potential career opportunities available in the region. This program is a win for students as they gain new perspectives, ideas, and methods.  For employers, NCI’s internship program provides an opportunity to mentor and share expertise and access new talent to enhance our regional workforce.

“Eastman has benefitted from NCI’s internship program for years.  We have come to rely on this program at Eastman,” said Carl Ratliff,  Eastman’s Human Resources Manager.

“This program is one of many ways NCI strives to provide local residents with the insights, skills, and connections to be successful.  Because of NCI’s location, college students don’t have to travel far for a quality education and, hopefully, they won’t have to travel far to work either upon graduation since NCI’s programs are tailored to the needs of local employers,” said Ryan Orton, NCI coordinator of Business Relations and Alumni Outreach.

This year, internships will also be available to college students who do not live in the region as NCI launches hybrid internship opportunities.  These placements are similar to telework and will leverage NCI’s technology to provide opportunities that benefit our regional workforce by connecting them to talent throughout Virginia.

“Without my internship opportunity at New College, I may not be here now.  It sounds cliché, but it really did bring me home”, said Marcus Stone, a 2007 NCI intern.

NCI has a one-stop shop for college students to apply for internship opportunities.  The web address is

In addition to the work experience, NCI interns have access to a variety of professional development opportunities, social networking, and opportunities to apply what they are learning to real-world experiences.

For more information, contact Ryan Orton at (276) 403-5615 or