New bookmobile delivered, ready to serve in May

Pictured left to right: Tammy Cope, The Bookmobile Coordinator and Garry Clifton, the Patrick County Library Branch Manager. (photos by Jaymie Mordue)

The Patrick County Library‘s new bookmobile arrived in Stuart Wednesday, after a long road trip from Massachusetts, according to Garry Clifton, branch manager.

The new vehicle was bought with donations and fundraising efforts that netted an estimated $188,000, including a $35,000 donation from Patrick County.

The purchase “would not have been possible without the help and support of the Patrick County Board of Supervisors, Friends of the Library, local residents, businesses, library staff, and volunteers,” Clifton said. “This was truly a community effort. We would like to sincerely thank everyone for making this long sought-after dream a reality.”

Garry Clifton and Tammy Cope thrilled with the new bookmobile, which will hit Patrick roads in May.

The library will continue to use the current 20 year old bookmobile until May, when they plan to have the new one out and on the road, Clifton said.

Tammy Cope, bookmobile coordinator,said the interior of the vehicle is lined with wooden oak shelves and holds approximately 3,000 different materials. It soon will be stocked with bound volumes, audio CDs and more.

The bookmobile travels to a variety of destinations weekly to provide the communities with a unique mobile reading experience. The bookmobile service has been vital to many lives in Patrick County for nearly 70 years.