Officers installed at chapter meeting

The Colonel Abram Penn Chapter, National Society Daughter of American Revolution met at Landmark at 1 p.m. and enjoyed a lovely lunch of ham ala pineapple and fresh salad and vegetables.

The seven present Chapter members enjoyed having three guests; Phyllis and Peggy Curtiss and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Douglas Dunlap.

Regent Louise Hansen called the meeting to order. The members said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and repeated the American Creed expressing belief in “freedom, equality, justice and humanity for which Americans have sacrificed their lives.”

Minutes from the April 2019 meeting were read and approved.

The meeting continued with the program by Dunlap, entitled “Extraordinary Women of the American Revolution.”

The theme of the program was about colonial women who were Camp followers. These followers did the much-needed chores of cooking, mending, laundry and nursing. The extraordinary women donned men’s clothes, hid their hair under caps and volunteered to be soldiers. Some women rose to the occasion and were spies, observing the British soldiers, reporting back to camp or transferring critical messages to colonial soldiers usually on foot.

Martha Washington was one of the camp followers helping her beloved General Washington. Our members of the Chapter learned that there were many Molly Pitchers in this War. “ Molly” was a name shouted to the women when water was needed to cool the cannons, i.e., “Molly, bring the pitcher.”   One of the Molly’s was promoted to a sergeant and later received a $40 monthly pension.

The next order of business was installation of officers conducted by Chaplain Flo Bell.

Officers present were: Regent – Janice Axelson Stanley; Vice Regent – Onie Vaughn; Chaplain – Louise Hansen; Registrar – Wanda Shough.                       

These officers pledged to perform their duties to the best of their ability.  

Two officers were unable to be present:  Treasurer – Mary Ann Franklin and Recording Secretary – Ann McConnell.  As these officers already hold these positions installation is not required.

Regent Hansen gave each officer lists of duties as printed in the NSDAR Handbook.

Committee Chairpersons gave their reports on National Defense, Health, the Flag, Native Americans and Conservation.

Past Regent Hansen reported that she, current Regent Stanley with guest Secretary McConnell attended an annual Regent Meeting on May 4,2019 at the Holiday Inn in Roanoke. New officers for the Regents’

Club were installed. A power point program was presented by a representative from Salem Museum about WWI.  All attendees were encouraged to attend the museum to view new additions.

The next Colonel Abram Penn meeting will be on October 14, 2019 at Landmark. The program will be Display of Memorabilia showing fine examples of chapter members preservation of family items.

Submitted by Louise Hansen


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