Old Church Gallery presents feed sack exhibit

The “Sweet and Sassy” exhibit, a collection of 1940s-era feed sacks and assorted items made from them continues at Old Church Gallery in Floyd. The gallery is dedicated to remembering, collecting, and protecting the cultural history of Floyd County.

In the late 1800s, farm and food products were often shipped in sturdy cotton sacks with product names printed on them.  Using various methods to remove the printed labels, frugal farm women recycled these sacks into sheets, pillowcases, dish towels, diapers, and undergarments; if they had the time and the talent, they embroidered lovely designs on them.  By 1930, sack manufacturers began to use sacks with colorful prints, and their popularity soared. Women used them to make quilts, dresses, aprons, shirts, and children’s clothing. One sack could make a pillowcase, a child’s shirt, an apron, or a sun bonnet.  Three sacks were needed to make a woman’s dress; the leftover scraps were used to make quilts. The exhibit at Old Church Gallery contains examples of all these uses.

Old Church Gallery is located on Wilson Street, behind Finders Keepers and across the lawn from Hotel Floyd.  It is open on Fridays from 2 to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m..  It is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization run entirely by volunteers. Admission is free; any donations are used for facility and program development.


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