Patrick County Girl Scouts hold camporee

Girl Scouts enjoyed the annual camporee.
Troop #1302 with the tree they planted for Earth Day.

Patrick County Girl Scouts held their annual camporee at Dominion Park on April 21-22. The girls enjoyed sessions consisting of creating their troop notebooks, making edible fires, learning knife safety, Barbie theme career books, hiking and games.

There was also roasting hot dogs, roasting marshmallows and making samores. Camping for the night was lots of fun for all as well.

In celebration of Earth Day Troop #1302 planted a tree and placed a plaque by it that says the tree is planted in honor of Patrick County Girl Scouts. Many thanks to Nelson Stanley and Norris Funeral Home for help with materials for this project. The girls also thank the owners of Dominion Park for allowing the Girl Scouts the use of the park for the weekend.


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