Patrick County School Students Compete

CO2 propelled cars made from a 3D printer.

By Ashlee Mullis

Patrick County High School Drafting I & II, along with Technical Drawing students, competed in ​CO2 car races on Tuesday, April 9.

Mr. Overfelt places the cars on the track for a race.

Students used Solidworks to design the cars and used a 3D printer to make the finished product.

With guided instruction from their instructor, Dale Overfelt, each student developed their own design. This is the third year this competition has taken place as part of the Career and Technical Education program at Patrick County High School. It has become a way for students to exhibit their talents and show off a bit to other students in the school. The kids enjoyed watching the cars speed by, and they loved it more when the cars travelled so fast they jumped the track and crashed.

Winning cars belonged to Darious Williams, Josh Farris, Bobby Collins, and Julie Pilson.

The kids watch the cars race down the track.




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