PAWS in fast lane

PAWS would like to announce that we are back up and running in the fast lane. So many of our devoted followers and donors have come through in a big way and we are now back on track. PAWS has had a ruff year but 2020 will bring greater things for the pets in Patrick County. We have 40 brand new members who have just signed up with us. PAWS had a loyal longtime supporter bequeath us enough to get us back up and serving our mission to reopen our Spay Neuter Voucher Program for Patrick County dogs. We also have shavings for anyone who needs bedding for their dog houses, we have a few medium size dog houses to fit a Beagle size dog or even a cat. You can apply for a voucher for your male or female dog by calling the PAWS line and leave your name and phone number and the best time of day to be reached by phone at 694-2378, or you can email PAWS will pay 100% of the cost of surgery and we only expect a small co-pay you can afford; this helps us keep the voucher program going. This programs purpose is to reduce the euthanasia of homeless and unwanted litters of puppies. Come one come all.

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