PAWS needs help to continue mission

By Jaymie Bricker

A nonprofit agency that has done so much to help so many may close unless it secures it needs to continue helping the community.

The Patrick Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) was created in 2000, and reorganized in 2006, according to Murphy Brown, organizer.
“Now that the backbone of PAWS are now in their 70s and carrying the whole load are suffering burn out due to lack of members and community interest.”
“The biggest need we have at this time is that we are losing our treasurer,” Brown said. “If there is anyone out there that would take on the treasurer’s position we would be able to continue our work.
If anyone is remotely interested, Brown said she hopes they are at least “willing to at least meet with the current treasurer to see the process.”
The agency also hopes to find more animal lovers in the community that are willing to help continue serving pets and residents in the community. The current members want to stay involved and are eager to help new members to learn the ropes.
PAWS’ accomplishments include paying to spay or neuter more than 500 pets, Brown said. It also “has “placed 2,489 of which 1,279 were pulled from the pound.”
Volunteers also have provided dog food assistance programs for residents in need as well as to the food bank, and supplied dog houses and bedding to those in need.
“We have supported many other animal rescues with monetary donations,” Brown said.
It also helps other local agencies, including the Department of Social Services, Piedmont Community Services, Hospice and Disaster Relief, according to Brown. She added that one member dedicated 10 months to trying to capture a family of beagles, and successfully caught the mother dog.
“Members also helped rescue cats and retrieve supplies during the flood that killed Kathy Smith on Elastic Plant Road in Sept. 2004,” Brown said.
“We would be very grateful” to anyone who can help, Brown said.
For more information, call (276) 694-2378.


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