What a wonderful thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, watch a play: “Trip to Bountiful” so wonderfully directed by Mark Donnell and performed by the students from the Fine Arts Department at Patrick County High School.
While athletics get so much recognition in the papers—and I really appreciate that too—I just had to send a congratulations to this department and all the students.
There were great performances by all but especially noted were Roxie Irwin as Carrie Watts, Joshua Biedrycki as Ludie Watts, Shyla Wester as Jessie Mae Watts and Andrea Thomas as Thelma. These students held our attention and knew their lines and put themselves quite into character. They were just excellent!
The lighting with the new spotlight was wonderful, however, the students still asked for donations to the department for stage lights. So if anyone out there can support this fine group who brought a smile to my face and in parts of the play, a tear to my eye, please do.
Only a few students were mentioned by name, but there were so many others who had a hand in the production, staging, costumes, tickets, props, sound, set construction, painting. It took so many and they all had parts in doing something very productive and fun for so many.
Thank you, Patrick County High School Fine Arts Department and I wish Mr. Donnell a happy retirement. He will be missed. And I cannot wait to see what is in store for this group with their new teacher, Christina Hylton Johnson. Also Melanie Culler, cosmetology Instructor, was in charge of the hair and makeup for the actors. I love Patrick County School teachers, they give there all for their students.
These students made you proud with a great production of “Trip to Bountiful.”
Cathy Swails


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