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I read the letter published in the 10/14/20 edition of The Enterprise written by David Sheley. He says this election is the most important in the history of the United States, and I agree. He mentions the letters written to the editor by John Reynolds and Richard Kreh asking for facts concerning the Republican candidate.

I did not read Reynolds’ letter, but did read Sheley’s and Kreh’s, and neither gave any facts on why to vote for Biden and no facts on why not to vote for President Trump.  Evidently, Mr. Sheley did not read my letter in response to Kreh’s letter. The only reason I can find in their letters to not vote for Trump is dislike of President Trump, but no reasons to vote for Biden.

Both men need to read my letter (10/7/20) and David Robinette, Jr.’s (10/14/20) letter to the editor.  Those letters spell out the reasons why we should vote for President Trump and not for the Biden-Harris ticket. Shelly wants to know reasons to vote for Trump.

How about record jobs, low employment from the beginning of his term until the onset of this Covid-19 pandemic, which was not his fault or anyone else’s? It is worldwide. It was a God thing. Trump has been able to work with other countries in getting them to pay their fair share in the U.N. and other organizations. Our military is in better shape, and we are not as involved in military conflicts as before. I believe he has the ability to bring the nation out of this pandemic better than Biden.

The President believes in Biblical values. Biden believes that more liberal and special programs are the answer to every problem. I believe God is taking His hedge of protection away from our nation more and more because our nation is getting away from Biblical values more each day. Trump has used God’s name in his every day conversation more than any President in my lifetime.

I believe Trump will continue to bring back jobs to our nation that were lost to bad free trade agreements, and continue to work with our own companies to create more good jobs. He has gotten trade agreements signed by Canada and Mexico that replace old agreements that are better for us and for them.

I have a copy of a letter written by a registered Democrat that gives reasons why he will not be voting the Biden/Harris ticket but instead will go with the Trump/Pence ticket this year. If you, David Sheley, want to read it, I’ll be glad to share a copy with you and anyone else. Contact me at 276-694-7521.

The liberals have said that Trump has divided this nation more than any other politician. Here is what is dividing our nation: When Trump was inaugurated, only two democrats showed up. That showed disrespect from the Democrats. Imagine the world outcry if only two Republicans had shown up when Obama was inaugurated. Nancy Pelosi stood up at the State of the Union address and ripped up President Trump’s speech, page by page, in front of the whole world. I could not believe that a person in her position could be so disrespectable. What did that hideous act say to our young people about respect?

The Democrats spent more than 30 million dollars over a three year span trying to prove that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. It was money wasted that could have been helping our economy, because nothing was ever proven. The news media has been bent on taking Trump down ever since he won the election. If we had a news media that was truthful and non-liberal bias, I think Trump would win by a larger margin than he did in 2016.

See why our nation is divided? It is a sad time when we have so many people tearing down our statues, burning our flag, destroying property in these protest marches, and beating and killing our police officers. People are disrespecting and hating our founders and our country. All of this and more is what is dividing our country. Americans used to be proud of their country, speaking up for it, not tearing it down. They showed respect.

I intend to vote for Trump in the upcoming election and urge everyone else to come join me in “Making America great again.”

Clarence Collins



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