Results to end contract in Patrick 

By Taylor Boyd

The Results-CX company in Patrick Springs will end its lease with Patrick County this year.

John Sternal, public relations representative for ResultsCX, said the facility in Stuart will merge with the company’s Martinsville location.

“I don’t know when the actual decision was made, but I do know the effective date of the merging was scheduled for April 26,” he said.

Company officials have not previously returned requests for comment.

However, Sternal said employees in the Stuart branch are being ported to the Martinsville facility because the company wants “to make sure that everyone is housed in a facility that has the most up to date technological offerings in order to help everyone do their jobs. We as a company felt that the Martinsville branch is best positioned to offer that employee experience.”

Sternal said to his knowledge, there have been no issues with employees not willing to be transferred.

“Everyone is on board with going,” he said, and added that he does not know the exact number of employees that will be transferred.

Bryce Simmons, director of the Patrick County Economic Development Authority, said the county’s lease with the company expires in October.

“This is obviously not something that we were expecting, but it is something that we will be evaluating over the next months and trying to establish a new tenant for the property,” he said, and added potential tenants have not yet been identified.





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