Retired teachers continue to serve


If you’ve grown up in Patrick County, chances are you’ve had the opportunity to be Phyllis Eastridge’s classroom. Eastridge taught in Patrick County schools for a combined 44-years, 30 years in Patrick County High School and 14 years at Patrick Henry Community College.
Eastridge, of the Patrick County Retired Teachers Organization, recently was selected the winner the 2017 NRTA ‘With Our Youth!’ award by the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA), for her work in acquiring head lice treatments for youngsters in Patrick County schools.
“We received so many amazing submissions, demonstrating the dedicated spirit of retired educators who continue to give back and serve as champions in our communities,” a release from the NRTA stated.
Every year, the local association shows their work to a committee, which evaluates how well each chapter helps youngsters by fulfilling the five promises of the association: Provide caring adults, safe places to learn and grow, health/wellness, effective education and an opportunity to serve. The national association also looks at how innovative and impactful the educator’s work has been.
As part of her project, Eastridge worked to get businesses and other organizations to donate money to help fund a program to send head lice treatment kits to schools, according to Betty Perry, current president of the local retired teachers organization.
Perry was named to the office after Eastridge became president of the state-level chapter.
Eastridge achieved multiple ranks within the local organization before moving from the local president in 2005 to serve in the district and then ultimately to state-level president in from 2014-16.
Her work to eliminate head lice is but one example of the dedication shared by teachers, Perry said, adding that “We’ve been recognized for numerous” accomplishments that Eastridge spearheaded, Perry said, adding that Eastridge’s devotion to the county is something shared by many retired teachers.
While retired teachers likely do not spend their days in the classroom, they continue pursuing their passion for education and commitment to residents, Perry said. Eastridge continues to go above and beyond, overcoming all kinds of obstacles and roadblocks in her quest to continue to serving the community.

Phyllis Eastridge and Sue Beckley accepted an award recognizing the ‘Most Active Retired Teachers” presented by the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) .

Phyllis Eastridge was honored by the National Retired Teachers Association (NRTA) and her fellow retired teaches for her dedication and work on a head lice treatment program.