School officials detail commencement plans for PCHS Class of 2020

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, a modified on-field graduation ceremony is planned June 20 for Patrick County High School’s Class of 2020.
School officials are asking graduates to arrive 30 minutes before their assigned time. The two cars in each graduates party need to arrive together to be lined up properly. The graduate should be in the front car.

Upon arrival at the high school, graduates will be directed to the upper parking lot, where attendants will give further directions.

Traffic attendants also will direct the assigned group down to the football field.

Once at the field, the graduate will be directed to exit the vehicle in their graduation attire.

Cars will be directed to the parking area at the field.

Dressing tents will be set up for graduates to use to make sure they have all their graduation regalia on, and to make sure they haven’t forgotten anything.

Graduates will then line up in a group of 10, socially distanced apart from one another, and walk from the goal post to behind the stage, where they will line up again and await for their names to be called.
When announced, each graduate will cross the stage, receive the diploma cover, turn their tassel, and have the Lifetouch Photographer take their picture.

The 10 graduates will then stand with their parents until all ten graduates in the group have been announced.

Parents will be allowed to be out of their vehicles to see the graduation process and take photos/video from their assigned area near the stage.

All other guests must remain in the vehicle for the ceremony. FM radio transmission will be available on 93.5.

** The PCPS/PCHS will be recording for a DVD to be made of the event and broadcasting on Facebook Live. The DVD will include all speeches and each graduate walking.
After all students in the group have graduated, the graduate and parents will return to their cars and be directed to the exit.

Representatives from Student Services will hand the student his or her diploma as the family is exiting the event.

If unsure of your time, call or contact school officials.

A rain plan will be implemented Saturday, if needed. Notifications will be sent via a social media post, email, and message if school officials become convinced there is no way to have the on field ceremony. Please bring an umbrella just in case.


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