Sheriff’s office warns about driveway scams

The Patrick County Sheriff’s Office reminds residents to beware of paving and asphalt sealing scams.
“Spring has arrived and with it comes driveway scams,” said Captain Ward Stone.
Many times the scam starts with the comment, “we were in the neighborhood working another driveway and we have just enough material left over to pave your driveway,” Stone said.
They may also say that if they don’t get rid of the material it will go bad and they are running a special “today only sale,” Stone said.
If anyone comes to your door or you see a driveway seal coating or paving company soliciting your neighbors or the elderly, immediately contact the sheriff’s office, Stone said.
“Ninety percent of these companies are untrustworthy and their unreliable workers will have either outstanding warrants or judgments against them,” Stone said. “Many of these companies are known for practicing ‘bait and switch’ pricing strategies or even engaging in larceny while your are outside watching the project get done.”
Arrest warrants have been issued by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office for individuals tied to a company called Four Seasons Paving, Stone said.
“If you are approached by anyone representing this company please contact the Patrick County Sheriff’s Office immediately by calling 911,” Stone said.
Stone also offered the following recommendations:
•DO NOT contract with any paving, seal coating, roofing, or home improvement person who initiates contact with you.
•Before contracting with an unknown person that you initiate contact with, verify the business by calling the insurance agent that the contractor claims to have insurance with.
•DO NOT PAY before the project is completed to your satisfaction.
•DO NOT PAY CASH; you will have no proof or recourse if the project fails.
•You are not required to write a check to “cash” or a person’s individual name if the contract you signed was in a company name.
•If something seems “out of place,” immediately call the sheriff’s office at 694-3161 or 911.
•If an unknown person that you are not expecting shows up at your door, do not open your door, call 911.
“The sheriff’s office wants to find out who they are,” Stone said.


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