Small And Tall Organization opens in Spencer



Carolyn Vernon, president and founder, announces that the Small And Tall Organization is newly launched in Spencer.

The Small And Tall Organization will focus on child abuse and domestic violence awareness that takes place every day in our state. Vernon knows that these types of abuse happen worldwide and her first and main concern is the safety for everyone in her state.

“As for domestic violence and child abuse I participate in dialogue to get the message out there about what DV and child abuse are and what as a society and a community we can do to stop it,” Vernon said. “I empower others to make healthy choices around relationships and I take part in advocacy on a micro and macro level hoping that lobbying government will implement policies to protect vulnerable populations.”

The Small And Tall Organization plans to hold monthly events for children, women, and families as well as holding community and statewide events. Vernon says her focus is bringing families and communities together to act as one.

For more information, visit, email or call (276) 952-7402.