Speakers give input during statue discussion Monday

Gene Fain said “no monument should be taken down” during the supervisor’s meeting Monday. He also asked the board to protect the statue.
Jason Fix was among those to speak Monday during a public comment period held before discussion of the courtyard statue. Fix said the past cannot be erased, but it can be acknowledged “so we can grow and become better going forward.”
Don Johnson told the board Monday that a Civil War statue in his native Kansas has two sides; one to honor those who fought for the Union and the other to honor those who fought for the Confederacy.
Richard Cox was among the speakers Monday to ask county officials to take action to save the statue should changes be made to the current state law.
The back of a T-shirt worn by Don Johnson, who addressed the board during the public comment period on Monday, read: “Black, white, yellow, brown, we are all one under the sun.”

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