There is sad news to report on the feral young beagle that frequented Hardee’s and Lowes parking lot in Stuart since last September.
On August 17 around 8 a.m. a PAWS volunteer was told about a dog on the side of the roadway, just up from Hardee’s. Upon checking, we found that she was dead. She was placed in my vehicle, taken to my home, and with help from two PAWS volunteers, buried there. She had no name.
I can attest to her sad life, as I’ve watched her wander the area (sometimes with her mother, who is in foster care with PAWS now), for those 11 months. She had a sad life scrounging for food to survive, never knowing how many people cared about her.
All the months I fed her canned food in a bowl, she would come when I called, but was always leery of noise and people around her. She never knew being petted or getting belly rubs.
It’s heartbreaking that she was out of options, and it came as no surprise to me as to how she died. She was too smart to be caught in a trap and not trusting enough of humans to be touched or petted. Her first human touch and car ride was after she was dead.
PAWS appreciates all the love and concern for this pretty girl, especially from employees at Lowes and Family Dollar stores in the shopping center.
It is possible that she was pregnant or has puppies somewhere. We will search areas where she has had litters before in hopes they’re there.
PAWS volunteers are dedicated, devoted to our cause and need your help to continue our work. Donations can be sent to: PAWS, P.O. Box 743, Stuart, VA 24171.
Brenda Sims
PAWS volunteer


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