As president of the Meadows of Dan Community Association, I would like to send out a huge thank you and praise to Joseph Quesenberry and all those involved in the Patrick County Tourism Advisory Council.
I think that it was one of the best ideas the county has had to hire Joseph as the new tourism director. He was a native here to Patrick County and he came back home to show his county his support. He has been an active vessel for us here in Meadows of Dan. We appreciate all the hard work that he has already put forth toward the Meadows of Dan Revitalization Project.
We also look forward to working with Joseph, and TAC as we move along with our project. I know that Joseph has not done this alone. TAC members have been helping him and showing him their support, as well as helping in applying for grants, attending meetings, and backing everything that Joseph is doing to increase tourism for our county. So again, thank you to Joseph Quesenberry and TAC.
Trinity Goad,


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