TinPen Alley Scores

Wednesday Night League: High set, men: Norman Reynolds 697, Austin Milligan 636, Austin Griswold 598, Eddie Gregory 561, Marlon Clark 555. High set, women: Anna Hall 593, Vicky Brammer 524. High game, men: Eddie Gregory 251, Marlon Clark 232, Austin Griswold 222, Matt Harris 222, Mark Bolick 220, Harley Nall 204. High game, women: Vicky Brammer 185, Sarah Reynolds 158.
Friday 50+ Finals League: first place: Alley Gators: Three for Fun; Brenda Ayers, Millie Hazelwood, Coates Clark; and The Scenics: Mario Delgado, Martha Delgado, Richard Kreh; third place: tie: The Go Getters: Edna Hall, Ro Pettway, Carol Vernon, Joyce Belcher; and Wishful Thinking: Othelia Stowe, Jimmy Stowe, Denzil Turner.


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