Property owners in Ararat recently suffered loss and damage to their property due to a tornado. Thankfully, no lives were lost or injuries due to the tragic event. First responders, EMS, fire, rescue and police from the sheriff’s office did their jobs above standard. Volunteers were as usual; there at moment’s notice and working day and night to help restore some normalcy.
I was awestruck by the number of volunteers that were onsite the day of and after the disaster. People from the communities of Ararat, Claudville and Willis Gap came out, as well as others from Patrick County and surrounding areas. Public service providers, VDOT, AEP and CenturyLink were out in full force, day and night, to clear the highways, shut off power and restore electricity and electronic services. Rural Services and Jamie’s Recycling supplied trucks and containers to dispose of refuse.
Farmers, loggers and sawmillers were instrumental in clearing damage and downed trees.
My heartfelt thanks to all that gave food, time and funds to help those that suffered losses from the storm. God bless!
Roger T Hayden
Dan River Supervisor


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