Town has ‘long list’ of projects for federal funds

By Taylor Boyd

The Town of Stuart may receive additional funds from the county as part of the federal CARES Act, and Mayor Ray Weiland said there are many projects in need.

“We’re going to look at a couple of things, and we have a long list” of projects to work on, Weiland said, and added “the county has contacted us about them having some additional CARES Act funding available. If we need something specifically, we need to think about it now and we can see what we need and what they have available.”

Weiland said he does not know how much money the county may have left over, “but they might have something available for us.”

Council members are considering using the funds to replace the roof of the pump house on Wood Brothers Drive. It voted to choose Combs and Sons Construction LLC to remove the shingle roof and replace it with a 50-year metal roof.

Town Manager Terry Tilley said the company’s estimate for the project was $2,189.

“We’ve got to get the roof fixed. It’s leaking and it’s getting on our electrical equipment,” Weiland said.

Rebecca Adcock, council member, asked if the town could do anything about a burned house on Loblolly Lane in Stuart.

“I realize it’s (fire) still under investigation but is there anything under derelict building because it’s now a charred mess. I would really not like for it to stay a charred mess,” she said, and added “we can’t get the building inspector to go down there and say it’s condemned because of the fire.”

If the building is condemned, “do we then have the authority to go in and take care of matters ourselves, or can we force the owner to bring it down,” Weiland said and noted there are several deteriorated buildings in the town.

“We’re working on it, and that’s going to be our next priority. As we get these projects behind us, we’re going to start on sidewalks and derelict buildings,” he said.

Tilley said he had no update about an advertised operator for the wastewater treatment plant position. The application states the applicant is required to have a class three operator’s license certification despite it being for a class two facility.

“If they’re class three, we can get them certified in class two in about a year,” Tilley said.

Christopher Corbett, Town Attorney, was not present at the meeting.




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