On Tuesday, December 22, 2015, my mama, Margaret Turner, stayed with me all night long. She did not feel good. Then in the early morning of Wednesday, December 23, her blood pressure got to 200 and she had chest pains and sweating.
I rushed her to Martinsville Hospital’s emergency room. They took her right in and started to work on her. The doctor and the nurse on duty were great. She was having a stroke, and had had several mini-strokes. She is 90 years old and had been under a lot of stress leading up to this.
I prayed and prayed for her to be okay. We all are not promised tomorrow, and we need to live our lives as though today will be the last one for us. I want everyone to pray for Mama, and go by to see her if you can. A little bit of cheer will help her a lot in life’s struggles from now on out.
Today, we might be on top of the world, but tomorrow the world might be on top of us! Always remember: The things you do for yourself die with you, but the things you do for others live forever.
Please pray for Margaret Turner and drop by for a visit with her. She will enjoy seeing you.
Betty T. Gordon


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