Walking towards wellness to begin on February 15

Did one of your New Year’s resolutions include becoming healthier? Residents are invited to become more active by taking part in an upcoming walking program starting in mid-February, organized through the Patrick County Extension office.
Walk Towards Wellness is a six-week program that will start Monday, February 15 and will run through Friday, March 25. Participants will meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the Stuart Walmart from 7 through 8 a.m.
Walking is easy to do and has many benefits. Not only does it help to prevent disease, but it also gives you more energy, makes you feel good, helps you relax, reduces stress and assists with weight management. Class participants will be able to exercise in a well-lit, climate controlled environment.
Friday sessions will also include short nutrition lessons and recipe ideas to encourage making good food choices as part of a healthy lifestyle.
The program fee of $10 includes a pedometer to help track progress, a water bottle and nutrition handouts.
Please call the Patrick County Extension office at 694-3341 for more information and to register for this upcoming program.


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