Weight Watchers

We live in Claudville and I am a leader for Weight Watchers’ meetings. My wife volunteers at the Rotary Red Cross blood drive every month and has been asked this question quite often: why doesn’t Stuart have a meeting?
We would like to answer that with a positive response. We first need someone to let us use a room, building, etc., rent-free where we can hold an open house-type event to get the ball rolling. We need to see the interest we have in the Stuart-Patrick springs area.
It would be a no obligation get-together and I would explain the program and how it works, and have a question and answer period afterwards.
Many of our meetings are in churches (fellowship halls), community centers, hospitals and the like. We would need to accommodate approximately 20 people with parking for the same.
I am available to meet with anyone interested to bring our service to Patrick County. Please contact me at (276) 251-5394 for information or if you know of a place to hold this sort of meeting.
Douglas Brunner


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