WES lists top readers

Class photo of Top Readers at Woolwine Elementary School

The following students were the top readers in their class at Woolwine Elementary School for the second quarter:

Mrs. Flaneary’s Kindergarten- Elijah Stegall, 28 books;
Mrs. Fain’s 1st Grade- Wyatt Rodgers, 45 books;
Mrs. Elgin’s 2nd Grade- Lacie Bullins, 220 books;
Mrs. Barnes’ 3rd Grade- Ainsley Lawson, 1,912 pages;
Mrs. Bradley’s 3rd Grade- Mason Conner, 1,359 pages;
Mr. Thompson’s 4th Grade- Leah Kendrick, 1,776 pages;
Mrs. Bowers 4th Grade- Hannah Wood, 4,054 pages;
Mr. Gunter’s 6th Grade- Mitchell Keith, 176 pages;
Ms. Turner’s 6th Grade- Gracie Marshall, 2,274 pages.

Elijah Stegall
Wyatt Rodgers
Lacie Bullins
Ainsley Lawson
Mason Conner
Leah Kendrick
Hannah Wood
Mitchell Keith
Gracie Marshall

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