Why be thankful

By Clyde Dupin

There are many people who fail to count their blessings and, as a result, forget to be thankful.  There are few things more important in life than a thankful heart. A spirit of gratitude is important to our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. In a troubled world it is important to sort through life’s circumstances and pull out things to thank God for and be grateful.

The past year has been filled with tragedy and heartache throughout our world as Covid touched the world. Some are asking, “Why should I be thankful?” and “Why are so many bad things happening to good people?” Some people blame God and express feelings of anger. Others accept a loving God who cares when we don’t understand.

It is important that we love and trust God when we don’t know the answers. God is God and we are His creatures with limited understanding of many things in this universe. When tragedy comes and people suffer, we trust God and rely on our Christian faith.

In the past year the anarchists destroyed cities. We must always stand firm against socialism and protect our first amendment rights. We must never forget God.

Many people have wept and hearts have been broken but, in this time of chaos, most have prayed and their only comfort and hope has been their unfailing faith in God.

God permits nature to do many things, but it cannot shake our love and faith in God.



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