Dr. Clyde Dupin

Let me share some of the reasons people believe in God.  I think every human being, in varying ways and degrees deep inside, wonders about God and the future life. It is a belief in God that gives us hope and love for one another. Without this faith, life has little purpose.

Most Americans believe there is a God. According to studies and surveys, most people say it is important to develop their faith and want a relationship with God. Our human intellect tells us where there is a design there is a designer. I believe that designer is God. It is this belief that gives us a sense of right and wrong. We know there are some things right and wrong regardless of circumstances.

This universe is too great and wonderful to exist without the hand of God. This God hears and answers our prayers in many wonderful ways. I know many people whose lives have been transformed through faith in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. These people have peace and joy and offer love, comfort and hope to others. When we see the hand of God at work in lives it is easier to believe than not to believe.

I believe in God because of the assurance He gives me of eternal life. He manifests His love and power in many ways. Even science cannot supply the final link in the chain of how we came to be and why we are here. I choose to believe that final link is God. The very beauty, order and diversity of life on earth could not have happened randomly.