Williams cousins hold reunion

Fifty-three members of the family of the late Dudley S. and Bertha M. Williams met July 23 at the home of Nancy W. Hubbard.
A memory candle was lit for all the deceased family members.
After a delicious covered dish meal, Stan Roberson welcomed the group to the 16th reunion. Brother and sister Ethan and Madeline Grigas led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Seven guests were recognized and made welcome.
Several family members have had some health problems since last year, and there have been two deaths. Everyone was asked to keep all of these people in their prayers. Family members who had special accomplishments were recognized.
Balloons were released to honor two high school graduates and five new babies born into the family, (four would be great-great-grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Williams and one would be a great-great-great-grandchild).
A white balloon was released to honor the memory of all the loved ones the family has lost. A yellow balloon was released to honor all remaining family members.
Eight of the 11 children of the Williamses are living and all eight were present.
The theme of this reunion was the ‘50s and several attending dressed to carry out the theme. Alexandra Vestal of Sparta, N.C. was voted the best dressed. Sisters Melanie and Maria Roberson demonstrated some of the popular ‘50s dances.
An auction was held with Stan Roberson serving as auctioneer. Auction items included a squirrel feeder, pot holders, potato boxes and a basket full of goodies. Most of the items were handmade by one of the family members.
It was discussed whether to set a certain weekend each year to hold the reunion. Most everyone liked that idea and set it for later in the day.
Door prizes were drawn. Prize items had the Williams logo from last year’s invitation on them.
Everyone enjoyed the day and they look forward to next year.


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