An attitude of expectation

By Gerald Melton
Sycamore Baptist Church

Acts 1:6-8
Attitude affects all aspects of our life, what we do and how far we go.
Coaches try to instill the winning attitude in their teams so they will do their best. It also plays an important role in the life of the church and determines the direction of the ministry, outreach and warmth. A few with a negative attitude can affect the ministry and a positive attitude can create a dynamic church. An attitude of prayer can draw a church together.
The church in Jerusalem is an example of a church with the proper attitude. A time of anticipation can be most exciting for us, such as birthdays, special events, Christmas, etc., for we seem to have more zeal in what we do. When we have nothing to which to look forward, life loses much of its excitement and meaning. The future is very bleak with no expectation.
The Christians of the first century had much in the way of excitement and expectation for they had seen much happen in a very short time. Jesus had been arrested, tried and crucified, but his resurrection put more expectation in the future. They had seen him and they knew that he was alive for many had talked with him and been given new life.
The church today should also have great expectation and excitement. We have the knowledge of the cross and also the assurance of the resurrection, we should be as excited as the first-century church. They watched as Jesus was taken into heaven with the angels telling them that he would return the same way. Knowing this they continued to watch with expectation for his return.
Do we expect Christ to return at any time? Better yet, are we living as though we expect his return? We cannot overlook his promise to return if we are depending on his other promises. There have been many groups who set a date for his return but have been wrong. Verse 7 tells us that no one knows except God so that means that it could be soon. Paul had to write the Thessalonian church not to stop everything and wait for Christ’s return.
We must be busy doing God’s work and willing to be used and do as he said — go and tell! We are to be busy about His work until He comes or until we go to be with Him.
We are to be God’s witnesses to a lost and dying world so we should expect Him to use us in His work. We are filled with the Holy Spirit when we commit our lives to Christ and His spirit is here to guide us in God’s work. With the spirit we have the power of God to strengthen us to live for Him in our world. We cannot do it alone, so God gave us his spirit to help and encourage us.
As Christians we should be watching, waiting and working with an attitude of expectation that gives our lives more meaning. We can face each day with excitement to work more effectively for the Lord.
Expect great things from God.
Attempt great things for God!
Then we can see what God can do with a committed Life!


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