Blue Ridge Therapy Connection

The residents of Blue Ridge Therapy Connection really enjoyed watching the snow fall on Friday. They told staff members about walking to school in the snow, having snowball fights with their siblings, building snowmen and going for sled rides on car hoods.
They all had a story to tell, and they were all very funny and our staff members loved hearing about them. Some of the residents just sat quietly staring out at the snowfall, telling us how beautiful it was.
During the snow, many staff members spent the night at Blue Ridge, so residents would be provided for during this winter event. It’s just amazing to see the care that the staff members have for our residents. A lot of staff members started staying on Thursday night and didn’t leave till Sunday night; many of them volunteered to work on their days off.
Some staff member’s spouses even volunteered their time to help clean sidewalks and to go after the staff who couldn’t get in on their own. We would like to thank these great guys for having compassion for others and being willing to help those in need.
Although we might have had to work more hours than we normally do, we had fun getting to know one another and our residents even better. After their shift, staff members got together and played cards and games and shared snacks.
Due to the bad weather, we have had to cancel our bus trips. We look forward to getting back on the road. We missed going to out to eat in Stuart and Mount Airy, N.C.. We will be having those trips in February, in hopes of good weather.
Our residents really enjoy going out to eat. Some have family members to meet them there and they get to share a family meal together. Some of our other activities have also been canceled due to the weather, but we want our volunteers to keep safe and we don’t want them coming out in bad weather. We can always come up with an activity for the residents during this time. Although they miss having the volunteers here, they understand.
We are still looking for volunteers to help with activities or if you would like to perform for our residents. Please call (276) 694-7161, extension 1804, and ask for Dee Dee. We look forward to having you join our familyBRTC


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