Christmas Contest Winners Grade K- 3rd


1st Place – Especially Good

I know one person who has been especially good this year, Chandler Moles.  He is my best friend and he is in my first-grade class.  He is seven years old.  He pushes in chairs and cleans up at school.  He is always respectful.  I think Santa needs to bring Chandler a tractor.

-Malik Rucker – 1st grade – Stuart Elementary School


2nd Place – Peter the Penguin

I know a penguin named Peter. He has a brown afro. He wears Nikes. He lives in the arctic. He likes to play Fortnite and tag. He loves to play in snow. He eats fish. He has a lot of friends. Peter is a cool penguin.

-Joshua Scales – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


3rd Place – What Reindeer Do

Every year on Christmas Eve for some reason the reindeer get scared and everyone knows reindeer love candy. So, they go to the candy store. They get their candy and fly back home calmly.

They have now calmed down and they are getting hooked up to the sleigh. They are hooked up and ready to go!

As they are flying through the sky, they see a subway and want to stop and eat. They all got a footling to share and they put a lot of stuff on it like ham, cheese, mushroom, tomato, salami, lettuce, and pepperoni. Santa got a cookie and a carton of milk.

The reindeer love to talk and make conversation. So, they talk about the time they performed Mary Poppins on Broadway. They just went on and on. Finally, they stopped talking as Santa was getting a little mad, but Santa was not mad because they were talking. He was mad because he was almost at Darth Vader’s house! He was looking in his sack for a toy light saber in his pack if they needed it. They walked in silently, but Darth Vader was actually not as bad and evil as he seemed. So, he, the reindeer, and Santa became best friends. Darth Vader got a lot of presents for Christmas and that is what reindeer do.

-Savannah Fain – 2nd – Stuart Elementary School