Christmas Contest Honorable Mentions

Christmas is Almost Here

Once upon a time, it was Christmas Eve and a little girl was excited for Christmas. She was going wild. And then her mom told her that she needed to calm down a little and then it was nighttime. The little girl heard noises, so she went down the stairs and she saw Santa and Santa wasn’t mad. He was happy to see the girl and then the girl went back to sleep with a cookie in her belly. And she had a dream that she got a lump of coal. She woke up and she started crying because she thought she had a lump of coal. And her mom said what’s wrong? She said “I got a lump of coal” then she looked down the stairs and her mother said it was just a dream. She opened presents and she had a great Christmas and a great holiday. The end.

-Paige Ragsdale – Kindergarten – Stuart Elementary School


I am at home.  I see a reindeer. First the reindeer is flying to me.  Next the reindeer drops off Santa at me.  Last me and Santa go in my house.  Me and Santa are happy.

– Colton Smith – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am home.  I see a reindeer.  First the reindeer was eating carrots.  Next the reindeer fell in the snow.  Last the reindeer flies away.  I am happy I got to see a reindeer.

-Dilan Diego-Juan – 1st – Blue Ridge


I am at home.  I see a reindeer.  First, he was on the roof.  Next, he got stuck in the chimney.  Last he fell off the roof.  I am happy I got to see a reindeer.

Tanner Horton – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer.  First the reindeer pulled Santa’s sled.  Next the reindeer was playing with Santa.  Last the elf fed the reindeer a carrot.  I am happy that got to see a reindeer. The end.

Montana Cain – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer. First, he eats carrots.  Next, he pulls Santa’s sleigh.  Last, he flies to my house.  I am happy I go to see a reindeer.

-Cody Sumner – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer.  First, he is in the stable.  Next the elf helps the reindeer.  Last I saw that they are about to go.

-Olive Waycaster – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer.  First, he plays with Santa.  Next Santa gets him ready.  Last he delivered presents.  I am happy I got to see a reindeer.

-Bentley Stanley – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer.  First, she ate carrots.  Next, she plays with Santa.  Last, she is getting ready to fly.  I like to see reindeer.

-Cailey Arnett – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer.  First, she ate carrots.  Next, she plays with the elf.  Last, she sleeps.  I am happy I got to see a reindeer.

-Arieanna Crews – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at home.  I see a reindeer. First, she is playing with me.  Next, she and I came inside.  Last she flew and I said good-bye.  I am happy I got to see a reindeer.

-Kha’ris Church – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer.  First my reindeer was in his stable with the elf.  Next Santa was getting the sack of presents on to his sleigh.  Last he delivered presents.  I am happy I got to see a reindeer.

-Tobin Simmons – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at home.  I see a reindeer.  First the reindeer gets a pumpkin in his antlers.  Next, he is eating grass.  Last, I see the reindeer.  I feed the reindeer.

-Jade Hedgepeth – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer. First, she plays with Santa and he plays with her.  Next the elf puts her in the stable.  Last, she flies away with Santa.

-Sadie Bowman – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at my house.  I see a reindeer. It goes on the roof.  He puts food in the fridge and presents under the tree.  The he goes to sleep.

-Matthew Morales – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at the North Pole.  I see a reindeer.  First, he is eating a carrot.  Next, he plays with Santa.  Last, he pulls Santa’s sled.  I am happy I got to see a reindeer.

-Dallas Lawson – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I am at my house.  I see Rudolph.  He brings presents to my house.  He goes back to the North Pole with Santa.  He plays with the other reindeer while Santa watches.

-Keilei Martinez – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer!  Dancer the reindeer was flying.  He lands at a house.  He calls an ambulance.  He goes to the hospital.

-Emily Adams – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer.  First Dalton the reindeer was at the school.  Then she has to take a test.  Last, she has to do her homework.  She loves school.

-Kaylee Bowles – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer! First, he went to school.  Then he had a test.  Last he got a bad grade.

-Amelia Bowman – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer!  Jack the reindeer pulls Santa’s sleigh on to the house.  He lands near the chimney.  Last, he slides down the road to deliver more toys.

-Harvey Fain – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer.  Mrs. Dalton the reindeer was flying in the sky.  She landed at my house.  She dropped the presents at my door.

-Nevaeh Freeman – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer! Vixen the reindeer flew to school to give out homework instead of presents.  He gave homework because the kids were bad.  They did homework but they were grumpy.

-Khloe Gunter – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer.  First Dasher was at the beach!  Then Dasher could not get to the North Pole.  Last Dasher went swimming in the ocean!

-Lucas Hall – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer! Jack the reindeer was flying in the sky. Jack crashed at Santa’s house.  Jack got fired and he cried.

-Jay Hill – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer!  First, George the reindeer flies in the sky.  Then, he lands in front of the teacher’s house.  He took my teacher on a ride to the North Pole.

-Austin Marshall – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer!  This is what she did:  First, Ruby the reindeer was at the North Pole eating grass.  Then, she quit her job as a reindeer and went to the beach.  Last, she went in the water to play and splash.

-Aalyah Perdue – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer!  Sam is flying in the sky.  He lands on my roof.  He throws my presents off and they fall in the yard.

-Lincoln Puckett – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I saw one of Santa’s reindeer!  This is what she did:  First, Layla the reindeer was flying in the sky.  Then she was waiting for Santa.  Last she fell off the house and slid down the road.

-Wyatt Thompson – 1st – Blue Ridge Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would do a lot of things. First, I would fly all around. Next, I would make a present with the other elves. Then, I would magically walk through walls. Last, I would make chocolate and give it to Mrs. Gravely! Being an elf would be fun!

-Bridget Whitehouse – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would do a lot of things. First, I would fly home. Next, I would make toys with the other elves. Then, I would deliver the toys to other kids. Last, I would fly back home and go to bed. Being an elf would be fun.

-Charles “Charlee” Handy – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be helpful. First, I would eat candy canes. Next, I would play with toys at the North Pole. Then, I would build Frosty the Snowman. Last, I would play games with the other elves. Being an elf would be fun!

-Leah Miller – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be helpful. First, I will make presents for the children. Next, I will watch my little sisters to see if they are being good or bad. Then, I will help Santa deliver presents. Last, I will practice using my magic. Being an elf would be crazy!

-Declan Goad – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would do a lot of things. First, I would make presents with other elves. Next, I would eat all the chocolate I can find. Then, I would make a YouTube video with my friends. Last, I would jump of the roof into the snow. Being an elf would be fun!

-Karoline Walton – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I will eat candy all the time. First, I will watch the children to see if they are being good or bad! Next, my brother and I will open our presents. We will gather our old toys to give them to friends, too. Then, I will eat chocolate with my friends and brother. Last, I would tell Santa what kids want for Christmas. Being an elf would be crazy!

-Adalee Hughes – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would do a lot of things. First, I would go flying around the North Pole. Next, I would make toys. Then, I would ride a reindeer through the sky. Last, I would build an igloo. Being an elf would be fun!

-Ethan Lester – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be responsible. First, I would watch kids to see if they are being naughty or nice. Next, I would go ride in Santa’s sleigh. Then, I would help Santa deliver toys. Last, I would feed the reindeers for Santa. Being an elf would be great!

-Hana Martinez-Tejeda – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be funny. First, I will watch my little brother to see if he is being naughty or nice. Next, I will jump off the roof into the snow. Then I will give my sisters and my brothers presents. Last, I will give my friends and teacher a present. Being an elf would be wonderful!

-Easton Childress – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be responsible. First, I would jump with excitement. Next, I would build a snowman with the other elves. Then, I would help Santa Claus clean the reindeer. Last, I would help build toys. Being an elf would be fun!

-Randy Gonzalez-Barajas – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be friendly. First, I would go flying around the North Pole. Next, I would help Santa deliver presents. Then, I would watch kids to see if they are being naughty or nice. Last, I would go ride in Santa’s sleigh. Being an elf would be fun!

-David Draughn – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be an elf on the shelf. First, I would watch little kids to see if they’re being naughty or nice. Next, I would give presents to my friends. Then, I would give Santa chocolate. Last, I would be the only one working. Being an elf would be fun!

-Juliet Turner – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be loving. First, I would eat pizza with the other elves. Next, I would play video games with another elf at Santa’s workshop. Then, I would have a gum contest with the other elves. Last, I would talk to the elves. Being an elf would be fun!

-Treyvon Highsmith – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would be responsible. First, I would play with the toys at Santa’s shop. Next, I would look for reindeer. Then, I would make presents. Last, I would ride on Rudolph. Being an elf would be fun!

Caylin Edmonds – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


If I were an elf, I would do a lot of things. First, I would watch the kids that are naughty or nice. Next, I would make toys. Then, I would ride in Santa’s sleigh. Last, I would feed the reindeer. Being an elf would be fun!

-Jonathan Collins – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


There was a little boy named David that didn’t have a Christmas tree or any toys. He told his friend Brain that he didn’t have any toys to play with or a tree yet. So, Brain told his family, and they went and cut him a Christmas tree that night. They also bought him some toys, a coat, and cloths. He even got a hat and mittens. David said thank you and gave Brain a big hug!

Milayna Helms – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


The Best Gift

My favorite toy I’ve ever received is my Barbie House.  My mom gave it to me for Christmas.  I was so excited when I got the gift.  It was the best Christmas ever!

-Alysia Ortiz – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


The Chase

My gingerbread cookie came to life!  He ran down the path.  I chased him.  A fox chased him and caught him first. I went home and the fox went home.

-Elijah Hunter – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


The Gingerbread Houses

Bridget and Ley are best friends.  They went for a walk in the woods.  They see a gingerbread neighborhood.  The walls were made of cookies.  The roof was made out of candy corn.  The door was made out of lollipops.  The windows were made out of bubble gum.  They eat all of the gingerbread houses.  They walk back home and go to sleep!

-Christiana Marshall-Elvington – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

My favorite holiday movie is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”  There are many reasons why it’s my favorite movie.  Cindy Lou is nice.  The people of Who-ville sing.  I also like how the Grinch’s heart grew bigger.  It is a great movie.

-Addison Fulton – 1st – Stuart Elementary School



If I could create my very own snowman, I would name him Sunny.  He lives in my backyard.  He will run to the swing and go back and forth.  Then, he goes into the house and plays with me.

-Sofia Gonzalez-Hylton – 1st – Stuart Elementary


My Ride

Santa Claus wakes me up and tells me I can take a ride on his sleigh.  First, we go to the park.  Santa and I ice skate on the frozen pool water.  Next, we fly to the North Pole.  I see the reindeer and Mrs. Claus.  Then, we fly to the fire department and nap on the couch. Last, we land on top of my house.

-Hailey Bowman – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


The Little Reindeer

I peeked out my window on Christmas Eve and saw a red nose blinking in the distance. I run and tell Dad.  Next, we sprinkle corn on the ground.  Then, we wait and look out the window.  The reindeer comes back.  I go outside and pet it.  He flies away.

-Maddox Scott – 1st – Stuart Elementary School



I hear ice cracking.

I see white snow falling.

I feel cold and I shiver.

I smell hot chocolate in my cup.

It tastes good.

-Christina Bowman – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


The Snowflake

I have pointy sides.  I am big and white. I sparkle. As I fall out of the cloud, I start spinning.  I see people playing in the snow.  I hear kids laughing.  I smell smoke from the fire.  I land on someone’s tongue. They swallow me.

-Eli Fain – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


Happy Christmas

The big gift on my wish list this year is a hover-board. I’m hoping Santa will bring one since he has a lot of money.  First, my mom will have to take pictures.  Next, I will have to charge it and ride it.  I am happy!

-Chandler Moles – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


New Tradition

If I could create a new holiday tradition, it would be to go deer hunting every Christmas during the evening.  My dad, papa and brother will go with me.  After hunting, we will sit around the fire-pit.

-Easton Taylor – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer wakes up.  He eats carrots for breakfast.  He brushes his teeth.  Then, he hangs out with his friends Comet and Cupid.  He takes a nap at home.  The end!

-Aleigha Biggs – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


Stockings for Everyone

My favorite holiday decoration is a stocking.  My sweet mommy hangs up eight stockings.  Mommy hangs them over the fireplace.  Everybody gets one.  I feel really happy when I see Mommy hang up the decorations.  Daddy puts up the tree.  It makes me feel happy.  Then, I open up my stocking on Christmas morning.  We get a lot of candy.  I feel surprised!

-Millie Scott – 1st – Stuart Elementary School


Max the Elf

If I were an elf, I would watch kids in their houses to see if they are naughty or nice.  I will report to Santa then come back and hide in the house again.

-Keller Muse – 1st – Stuart Elementary School




Fat gifts



-Gavin Burris – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School









-Keira Helms – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School









-Lon’dyn Timmons-Taylor – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Good time

-Haylee Bowman – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School



-Maddox Frye – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Love their jobs
Favorite part of the days.

-EJ Brown – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Every year he guides the sleigh
I see his red nose
Never fails to come to my house
Does his job very well
Every year
Enjoys Christmas
Red Nose

-Eli Pack – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School




Walking in the snow

-Bronx Beasley – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I love it all!
Time with your family

-Macy Poole – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Has a birthday
Rise up to the Lord
It is his birthday on Christmas Day
Saving Grace
Threw the night
My Lord

-Camdon Fain – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Your family

-Hunter Draughn – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Oh my sled
You hop on with me

-Mason Stanley – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Ears listening
I ride through the
Night time
Delivering toys
Every house to visit
Every child to make smile.
Red nose shining brightly.

-Chloe Gibbons – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


My Elf on the Shelf

I have an elf on a shelf. His name is Peppermint. The first day I got him he was on the Christmas tree and he gave me a book about him. The second day he was in the bathroom and he took a jar and pooped out three Hershey kisses and he was reading a book. The third day he was zip-lining in the kitchen and left me a note. And I can’t wait to see what he does tomorrow.

-Briggs Meredith – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


The Bad Elf

One day an elf came and it wrapped my Christmas tree in toilet paper and then he got some tooth floss and strung it all over the house.  And he zip-lined all over the house. And he through some candy canes on us when we were sleeping and then he went to hide in a box. And then he pooped to candy canes in a jar and then my Dad got mad that he could not sleep. And then the elf hided in his box and then Santa came and I cot Santa.

-Mason Epperson – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Last Christmas

For last Christmas my mom got me two puppy huskies and a lot of new toys. She got a ferret toy I always wanted. A toy robot. And I always wanted an iPhone 11. And I like about Christmas is spending time with my family. And I like to spend time with my brother and my sister. I like my brother and sister because they are very nice to me. But what I really want for Christmas is a new pair of shoes.

-Jayden Gonzalez – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School



My Elves

My elves are named Dave and Belle. They are so funny. They put snow on my Nanas miruer*. It was so funny. I think that they are feeding my fish. I bet it will be funny. L love Dave and Belle. They are funny and we take care of them even we cannot touch them. I still love them. I am so excited to see them today. I think they are hanging from the sling. I bet it will be funny. They brought me two books they are so cute. On the 3rd day the book said countdown days of Christmas. And the 1st one was elves and pets. I love that book. It was so fun to read with my brother and my Mom and my Dad.

-Chloe Lawson – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


Santa and his Reindeer

Santa has magic. Santa lives at the North Pole where it’s so cold. The elves work all year making toys for the children. The reindeer get hooked up to the sled. Santa has eight reindeer. The elves load up Santa’s sled up with toys for the children.

Then Santa takes off saying on dasher on cupid on blitzin and all. He takes off delivering toys to the children all around the United States of America. He brings toys to the kid in Texas, Utah, Mexico, Mississippi, Cuba, Maine, New York, Alabama, Florida, and Arizona.

He eats millions of cookies and drinks lots of milk in one. Santa can fly 1,000’s of miles in like 30 seconds delivering toys to the children; Santa flew back to the North Pole to get ready for next year’s magic trick.

-Ryan Chaney – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


My Elf

My elf on the shelf is a goof. He is funny like a joke. His name is Jack. He zip-lined through my house. He rooted in sugar that he is back and my Mom had to clean it up.

-Christian Humble – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


I Love Christmas

We like to have fun on Christmas. This year I am going to get new shoes. I can’t wait. I love Christmas. It is going to be so much fun. Christmas is my favorite Holliday. Yet I can’t wait for Christmas. I can’t wait to see family and friends. I want to build a snowman with my friends if it snows. Last year it didn’t snow. We can’t forget food. My granny cooks the best food ever. I love it. It is so good. I love my granny. I love Christmas.

-Carly Jo Dellenback – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


The night before Christmas the kids wanted to catch Santa. So, they went to bed. But only three kids wanted to catch Santa. So, they wanted for Santa. Oh no! Santa’s here they whispered. They hid under the Christmas tree. Santa thought that we were in bed. But we will know what we are getting for Christmas. So, they sneak out from under the Christmas tree. But they got cot. Oh no! What are you doing said Santa? I’m sorry said one of the kids. Then they ran off. I hope I don’t get cold in my stoking. The next day it was Christmas. The three kids were sad they were going to get coal for Christmas. We did get coal for Christmas right. I don’t think so. Yet I got treats. Yay. Have a Mary Christmas.

-Reese Horton – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


A Christmas Story

It was Christmas Eve and the whole family was so excited for Christmas. And was getting ready and put milk and cookies down for Santa. And put down their Christmas tree. They were decorating their whole home and putting down candy to eat tomorrow. And planning games for tomorrow. There were lots of games for tomorrow. They were hanging their stockings. They where making food for Christmas dinner. They where making hot coco and lots of other food. And we are going to open the presents together as a family. The next morning, we all said Santa came. Aye, we were so happy. And my brother and sister and I got what we ask for. And we check our mantel and the stocking where full with stuff. And we ate Christmas dinner.

The end.

-Kimberly Gutierrez – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


My Christmas Story

In Christmas I would play in the snow with my Mom and Dad and my little brother. That will be his first time in the snow. This is my little secret I love my brother more than my Mom. Then when it’s Christmas when I wake up, I’ll run in the living room. Then I would open my presents.

-Beckham Terry – 2nd – Blue Ridge Elementary School


C – Cheer

H – Happy

R – Resting

I – Ice cream

S – Star

T – Teddy bear

M – Merry

A – Artist

S – Sweater

-Danica Swisher  – 2nd – Stuart Elementary School


If I could give my family any gift for Christmas, I would give them a family ornament. They will love it because they love me!

-Tessa Curry – 2nd – Stuart Elementary School


One night, my mom and I were sleeping on the couch when an ornament came to life! The ornament was really cute, friendly, and funny.

-Sophie Via – 2nd – Stuart Elementary School


C – Santa Claus

H – Holiday

R – Reindeer

I – Igloo

S – St. Nick

T – Try

M – Machine

A – Above

S – Soccer

-Lane Cameron – 2nd – Stuart Elementary School


H – Happy

O – Outside it is snowing

L – I like to listen to Christmas songs

I – I like to go outside

D – the snow gets deep

A – the air is cold outside

Y – yes, I like Christmas

-Carles Campos – 2nd – Stuart Elementary School


One night as I was watching TV, an ornament came to life. Hi, I’m an ornament. I’m going to the kitchen. I am going to take food and eat it all! Yum YumYum!

-Addy Mabe – 2nd – Stuart Elementary School


I went shopping to buy my family Christmas gifts. Today is Christmas and my family are coming to visit. I am giving my mom a purse and my dad some tools and my brother some baseball cards. After my family opened their gifts, they said thank you. I said you’re welcome and I love you!

-Carrie Gregory – 2nd – Stuart Elementary School


A Wrestler in Santa

Santa is seen much like a wrestler. He never takes time off, always training and preparing for what needs to be done. He has to be able to move quickly in the night to deliver his presents on time with the help of his teammates of elves. Getting the presents prepared and his coach Rudolph ready to guide his sleigh.

Much like a wrestler he has a team, but has to have strength to win by delivering presents all night. Santa just might train with my brother sometimes too!

-Evan Alexander – 3rd – Stuart Elementary School


On Christmas morning I wake up and go get Mamma and Daddy.  After that, we wake up my sister Maelynn. Then, we open presents and eat breakfast.  Next, we get ready and go to Grams for Christmas breakfast.  At Grams we eat breakfast, clean up, and open presents.  After we open presents, we always play with our things.  When we are ready, we go home and drop our stuff off at home and go to grandma’s.

At our house grandma and a lot more people come and we play and talk until they are ready to open presents.  After we open presents, we talk and play more. After that we eat a delicious Christmas lunch.  Then a lot of people started to leave and we started saying bye.  After everybody left, we played and played and played.  Then our rooms were a gigantic mess and we had to clean them.  That is how my Christmas goes.

-Analeigh Jones – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


I like Christmas because I get to open presents. When we get done opening presents, we go to our nannie’s house. Then we open presents at her house. When we get done, we go home and play with our new toys. Then it’s time to go to bed so we go to bed good night.

-Carly Wood – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


Christmastime is almost here. Of course, I was snooping under the tree to see how many presents were mine. I was very excited to see I had a small box wrapped in shiny red paper with a big curly bow on top. It was from my big brother. I knew it had to be a video game, by the size and shape of the box. My brother would not give me any hints if it was a game or not. I wanted to know so bad, I thought and thought about that one present. As Christmas was only a few days away and more presents were filling up under the tree, I kept moving that red box on top of all the other presents so that would be the first one I opened. On Christmas morning when I woke, I ran into the living room to get ready to open all those presents. As everyone else got up and met in the living room, I grabbed that red box first and was ready to open it. My brother said “Wait a minute; I want you to open your present I gave you as I open my present from you”. That was a good idea and that’s what we done. We tore the paper off and opened the box. When I looked in the box, looked up at my brother, he looked at me and was laughing. I got my present out of box and it was not a game or a toy, it was a piece of paper that said,

“I didn’t know what to get you this Christmas so I got you this box. I read that piece of paper while my brother was getting his actual present out that was a video game that I gave him. I said “really, a box. You gave me a box!” My brother giggled and gave me a hug and told me he already gave me the best present I could ever get, HIM!

-Carter Lee Cockram – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


When I got my Elf on the shelf

When I got my elf on the shelf he was in the bathroom on the toilet. He also was on a tight-rope, he was a superhero and he colored my nose red. He is funny and crazy elf on the shelf. He comes and goes every year. Do not forget Santa is watching you no matter want.

-Colton Wood – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


Papa and the Christmas tree
Around the first of December my dad, his brother Kevin, mema, and papa went to the tree farm in Floyd to get a Christmas tree. They found the one they wanted and loaded it up and brought it home. Once they got it inside the house, they realized it was too big for the tree stand. Papa got the handsaw and tried to trim up the bottom of the tree but that wasn’t working good enough and papa was getting mad. He told Kevin to get his chainsaw.
Papa used the chainsaw inside the house to trim on the tree until it would fit in the stand. All the little pieces papa sawed off the tree where all over the floor so they picked them up and threw them outside through the sliding glass door. They finally got the tree up but it was still too heavy for tree stand and it fell over. After a little more work, the tree was finally up and ready to be decorated. After all the ornaments were put on the tree made it through the Christmas holiday.

-Eli Dillon- 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


A Christmas Story

This morning it had finally snowed, so after breakfast I went to go play outside. My brother and I had a snowball fight.  He hit me the face, so I hit him back.  We played until lunch, so my mom cooked us soup.

After we ate lunch, we wanted to play our Wii U. After we played on our Wii U, we decided to go sledding in our front yard with our sister. Our dog chased us down the hill. After we stopped sledding, we ate dinner and then I took a shower

After I took a shower, I said good night and went to bed. I thought about the day because it was awesome. I really liked when I was sledding and eating soup that soup was really good.

-Evan Kruse – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


My Christmas

First my dad goes get our Christmas tree so we can decorate it. On Christmas eves we go to our aunt and uncle house at their house there is bunches of Family members there. The adults play three rounds of dirty Santa. How you play is you have a dice with six numbers if you get 1 or 2 you switch with someone. If you get 3or 4 you switch with the person to your right. If you get a 5 you trade the person on your left side. If you get 6 you get unwrapped it. The child has this big ball made with goodies and saran wrap you have to unwrap the ball in 30 seconds. We talk and eat and have bunches of fun. Have a great Christmas!

-Hannah Wood – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


It was Christmas morning! I ran down the stairs to the Christmas tree. When I got to the Christmas tree there were no presents! I thought for a second. First, I thought that Santa forgot to visit us. Then I saw a path of glitter I remembered that the presents there were glitter on them. I followed the path it took me outside into a house. The door was open so I went in. I hid under a bed when I peeked out, I saw a man sitting by a TV. Then I hid behind a couch from there I could see the presents. So, I ran to get the presents I ran in front of the man I ran for the door the man was following me I opened the and ran outside. I ran for a few minutes I hid behind a tree just in case he was near when I look back, I saw him again with the presents. So, I follow him he took me to a cave. It was very dark in there I saw him sleeping in here so I quickly got the presents and ran out of there. I ran back home when I tried to open the door it was locked so I knock. My mom opened it and she asked me what I was doing outside I told her that when I woke up, I did not see any presents. Then I told her the rest of the story she was happy that found the presents. After that I went to eat pancakes and drink apple juice. Then we open the presents I got a Lego set, soccer ball, and a yoyo. Next, we went to our friend’s house there I played prodigy and basketball. Then we came back I was tired so I went to sleep. The next day I thought to myself, who was the man who stole our presents.

That same afternoon I saw the same man. He standing outside I look at him for a few minutes from my window if he will do anything weird. I went outside and ask him why he stole our presents but when I went to tell him that he wasn’t there. So, I searched in the snow but he wasn’t no were to be found. Then I got near his house. I knocked on the door but nobody opened the door. So, I ran back home.

The next day I went to play in the snow that’s when I saw the man again. I went to tell him why he stole our presents. He said when he was little his dad did not believe in Santa Claus. Because he did not believe in Santa Claus. Santa Claus did not bring him any presents. So that’s why he tried to steal our presents. Then he apologized to us.

-Ivan Ortega – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


My Mystery Christmas

My parents gave me strict orders not to wake them up before 6:00AM on Christmas morning. At 4:00AM I could not sleep one more wink so I got up and tiptoed to the tree. I saw lots of presents and gifts. I was so happy to see them but I was also nervous sneaking around. I knew if I petted my dog named Rocket, I would feel better so I did. Then I could go to sleep again so I did and slept for 2 hours.

When I woke up, I yelled it is Christmas and woke mom and dad up and we all went to the tree. When we got to the tree the presents and gifts were gone!  I was so worried and my mom and dad were furious.  They said what have you done with the presents? So, we went and looked and looked, and looked but we could not find them. So, I knew if I petted my dog, I would feel better. I did and I felt better. I happened to look in his cage and there were the presents and gifts! I remembered then that I had left Rocket’s cage open earlier. So, me and my mom and dad got them out. Luckily none of them were damaged and we had a great Christmas but from then on, we made sure to shut the door!

-Jared Thompson – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


Christmas is Mine

Some people don´t like Christmas.

Some folk’s hearts are just cold.

I think they just like to grumble,

Or their child- like spirit has grown old.

As for me, I like it all

From trimming the tree

And decking the hall

To opening presents

And hearing ¨Merry Christmas ya´ll¨!

I can´t wait until Christmas Day

When family gets together

And we kids get to play

But the real meaning of Christmas is what´s so dear to my heart

Jesus Christ and his birth

And that´s the best part.

-Jayden Martin – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


My Christmas is always awesome because I get to spend time with my family. And because Santa comes to my home and leaves presents under the Christmas tree

I hope all of you reading this have a great Christmas.

Jingle bells

Under Christmas tree


Invitation to Christmas party

Angle the elf on the shelf

Night before Christmas

Night before Christmas

Angle the elf on the shelf

-Julianna Silva- 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


Candy cane









-Kinley Morrison- 4th – Woolwine Elementary School











-Leah Kendrick – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


There was a homeless Labrador puppy named Luke that lived in a box beside a shutdown store with no home and no one who cared about him. Sadly, it was almost Christmas. One day a man came along and looked at him.  He thought about Luke and then came back to him and brought him home, but did not show anyone. The man sent a signal to his wife to come into the bedroom.  The man showed the puppy to his wife and she was speechless! He said it was a surprise gift for the kids, but she said but they will hear him bark. The man said I did not think about that. So, they thought and thought for a while about how to hide Luke. Then the man came up with a plan. He suggested they get a pet sitter to take care of him until Christmas at the sitter’s home. Great idea! But when their family went to bed, Luke tried to sleep but he heard a scratching noise out the window.  He looked and spotted a squirrel which was cracked open. He put his nose under the crack and opened it. He chased it for a while but the squirrel ended up climbing a tree. Luke did know the streets yet. Luke was lost! He was so depressed and negative he kept saying, “I’m not going to find my home.” Since it was pitch black the only thing Luke could see was Christmas lights and street lights. Luke thought about the challenges he was going to face. Luke started to walk back the way he came in. Luke would walk a mile and drink at a river. It was turning morning. But he got to a split in the road and wondered which way he should go. He made a choice to go left. Luke was wishing and praying that it was the right way. Soon, everyone was waking up.  The man’s family woke up and the man and his wife were worried since the puppy was missing. They made a plan, that when the kids were at school the man would take off work and print pictures of him. His wife asked when did you get a picture? The man said when I found him. Luke took a small break and then started walking again. Suddenly, a Christmas Sparrow swooped down in front of Luke and said, “Are you lost?” Luke said, “yes.” The Sparrow said, “I thought that looked like you.” Luke said, “Where did you see me?” “On the paper that a man was putting up around town.” Luke had a feeling that it was probably his new owner; although, he hadn’t learned his name yet. Luke said, “What is your name?” She said, “Mrs. Rose, but just call me Rose. Yours?” “Mine is Luke. But do you know where my home is?” “Yes, but on feet we will get there late at night but I’ll get you there before Christmas arrives.” Luke thanked the bird and then stood there saying a prayer to God and he knew God had heard him.  They faced some problems along the way, like an angry cat that came after Rose. Like Rose said, we arrived late. I climbed in the window at the same time the man walked in the room.  The room was filled with excitement.  They both knew to close the window from now on and not to chase squirrels. Christmas morning arrived.  There were no presents under the tree for Luke, but Luke had the best gift of all – a family and that was the only thing he needed!

Jake Bryant – 4th – Stuart Elementary School


First Daddy picks us up from the bus stop next, I ask Daddy did you put up the Christmas tree and he said no but I see the Christmas tree in the window. We go in the house and then do are homework. Then we decorate the Christmas tree daddy put his ornament on the Christmas tree and then me and daddy rap Shawn’s gift and daddy and Shawn wrapped my gift and me and Shawn wrapped daddy’s gift. Finally, we put the gift under tree and go to   bed.

lyssa Ardecki – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School










-Martina Hubbard- 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


Every year my family and I have special Christmas traditions that may not be like most other people.  Our activities begin two days before Christmas and end on Christmas day.  We have so much fun!  Every year we celebrate the day before Christmas Eve by drinking eggnog or hot chocolate by the fire downstairs in our basement.  I usually watch Home Alone with my mom, dad, sister, and brother.  Usually we open our stockings after the movie. We are so excited after that, and we usually don’t want to go to bed, but my parents make us anyways. The next morning, we always go to my dad’s parent’s house.  My grandma feeds us a delicious lunch.  Finally, when lunch is over, we go downstairs and open gifts.   My cousins and I play with our new gifts.

Our next stop is my mom’s parents’ house.  My cousins and I always play in the snow and slide down our grandparent’s hill with a sled. If there’s no snow, we use an old creeper of my grandpa’s to ride down the hill.  My grandma usually cooks something that is unusual for the holidays like Mexican food.  After eating dinner, we finally get to open presents.  I get really good gifts from my aunts and uncles.  After all the fun it is time to go home and go to bed.  I’m always so excited and am dreaming about all the presents that I still get to open in the morning. Before we fall asleep, my mom usually reads to us about the King that was born on Christmas day.  His name is Jesus.

In the morning, we open presents that our parents have bought for us.  Sometimes I get what I want and sometimes I don’t!  Either way, I am still grateful.  The rest of the day is spent playing with our toys and playing outside.  Our Christmas is always such an enjoyable time!

Mason Thomas Keith – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


The Christmas Story

One Christmas night I when down stairs and saw a lot of presents. I was down stairs and I heard something going out the door. I went to check it out. And I saw a sleigh going away and it was Santa Claus. I was shocked! So, I run upstairs and got Madison which is my sister and we went to get Dad and Santa was gone.  I saw him and I told them to go outside and Santa was gone. And we all went down stairs the next morning and opened all of the presents. And then we played and setup my speaker. Then we listened to it and it was louder than ever. I think it blew my ear drum. Then we settled and ate ham and ice cream.

-Nathan Rakes- 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


Once upon a time, it was Christmas Eve. There was a girl, twin boys, along with a mom and dad. The family also had two dogs. They lived in a house with a huge red bow-tied wreath on the door, and beautiful green garland on the rail. After a winter storm, there was snow on the roof as they had Christmas dinner. After they ate, they hung their stockings and stayed up late watching “A Christmas Carol”. Then they went to bed, and the next morning on Christmas Day, they woke up and saw the presents under the glistening tree.

-Owen Kruse – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School











Peyton Belcher – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School


One day I saw my presents under the Christmas Tree

I was so happy, but my mom said not to open them. The next day I was thing what was in my presents. Then I saw on the calendar and it was tomorrow until Christmas. The next morning, I woke up earlier than usual and I was trying to wake up my brother so we can open presents. This was the beast Christmas!

Soledad  Huerta- Dominguez – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School

I love Christmas it’s my favorite time of the year I love the bright lights. Me and my family spend our Christmas first we go to our papa house then we go to my house and open up our mom, dad gets me the best presents. Then if there is snow me and my brother play snowball fight, we make about 30 snowballs a piece my brother is older than me so it’s my brother and his girlfriend
Its 1vs2 but it’s still fun happy holidays.

Tony Harris – 4th – Woolwine Elementary School

There once was a little boy named Sammy. Sammy’s Christmas was the same thing every year. It started when he was seven. Him and his mom where in a car crash. His mom passed away. When he came home, he was really upset. His first Christmas without his mom. Sammy didn’t want anything for that Christmas. The year after he finally wanted some stuff. Three years later Sammy wanted a football for Christmas. Sammy made his list. Christmas Eve Sammy saw something in the woods. When Sammy went in the woods Sammy couldn’t believe what he saw. Sammy found a black horse. The horse was black with a white face. Sammy ran and got his dad Sammy’s dad went to see the horse. But the horse was gone that night Sammy’s dad heard something. When he opened the door, he saw a horse the same Sammy had saw. Sammy’s dad was shocked. That night Sammy’s dad built a fence. Christ Sammy went down stairs Sammy got the football he had asked for his stocking was full of candy. Sammy’s dad told him he had another gift for him. Sammy saw the horse Sammy was so happy. Sammy loved his gift.  Sammy named his horse raven. Now raven and Sammy are best friends.

Alisan Buckner – 5th –Woolwine Elementary School


The anxious boy

It was four days until Christmas. The boy and his mother went shopping four Christmas presents. Then they went to the grocery store and bought a Christmas dinner. When they arrived home, they put the grouchy up in the cupboard. They went to bed.

The next morning the family noticed that the presents were gone. They had been robbed. The family called the police and told them about it. Then they went back to the store and bought other things from the store. They went to bed.

The next day they went to the woods and chopped down trees for firewood. It got late and they went to bed early because it was Christmas Eve. The family went downstairs to eat breakfast and to have a lot of fun with her family.

John Hicks – 5th – Woolwine Elementary School


Christmas Eve

One night on Christmas Eve I was sleeping under the tree and then I heard something outside. I heard bells yes that’s right bells. I opened my eyes and I saw sparkles floating around me. Take note I was still under the tree. I fell asleep and I woke up hearing footsteps and I was on the couch to. No one was near the tree but me but I was on the couch how I said. I didn’t understand how unless. Santa moved me off the couch. I’m still questioning myself till this day about that. Could Santa really be real?

Kaylee Holt – 5th – Woolwine Elementary School


When I was eleven, my family and I went to visit some relatives that I had never met before.  My cousins and aunt lived in a town called Boot Hill.  The thing we first noticed about the town was there were no Christmas decorations or a Christmas tree in town center. We thought this was really weird until we got to my aunt’s house and realized that their house wasn’t decorated and they didn’t have a tree either! As we drove around town and went to different stores and spoke to the residents of Boot Hill, we began to understand why there were no decorations, no bells ringing, and no Christmas carols.  They told us that a long time ago, because their town was so new Santa hadn’t stopped, he hadn’t even realized there was a town there, so ever since then they decided they would forget Santa too!  But speaking to the people of town my family reminded them of the true meaning of Christmas, it isn’t about Santa or presents the reason we celebrate Christmas is because its Jesus’ birthday. So, although we didn’t have a big tree or a bunch of lights and presents, we sat together as a family and told stories and read the story of Jesus’ birth and life. That turned out to be one of the best Christmas’ I’ve ever had!

Kendall Ziglar – 5th – Woolwine Elementary School


Saturday, December, 24, 2019 the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve.  There was a family that is called the harbors. They lived in Springfield.  They were poor but very nice they always give and never asked for anything in return.  They said the meaning of Christmas is to give not receive.  And on Christmas day they had nothing else to give and so someone saw them and gave them a lottery ticket and a quarter and said here is something from me to you.  The man and woman asked the man to take it back the man refused and said have a merry Christmas.  The man scratched of the winning number and he won the man and his wife won a lot of money.

He said first we buy a house the woman woken up the kids and told them and said they are getting a house. The kids asked won what the lottery. They asked their parents if they can go to school and get nicer clothes and a book bag the woman said yes.  The man that gave them the lottery ticket said give and receives.  That is the true meaning of Christmas.

-Kody Spencer – 5th – Woolwine Elementary School


Once upon a time there was a boy named Sammy, he hated Christmas. He would do anything to not help put up decorations. So, he pretended he was sick when the rest of his family was helping. So finely it was Christmas and he liked getting presents but he got none this year. One day there were some kids talking about what they got for Christmas and they asked him what he got for Christmas so he said nothing and asked what they got so one of the boys said I got a bike, toy cars, and, a new hoodie. So, Sammy said that’s cool I wish I got something for Christmas. So, the two boys became friends Sammy asked what his name was he said my name is Sam and what about yours I’m Sammy nice to meet you. Sam asked Sammy if he believes Christmas, he said not really do you yes of course I do that’s for baby’s said Sammy. Sam said that’s why you didn’t get anything for Christmas because you don’t believe maybe you should believe and you might get something. So, Sammy started believing Christmas and the next year he got some stuff and he told Sam you were right all I had to do was believe.

-Madison Rakes- 5th -Woolwine Elementary School


Olly the elf; after the battle

Maximus’ final breath saved Christmas in 2015. 4 years later… he returned. After those events, he came back. Plotting a devious plan to destroy Christmas. 2019’s Christmas has to be saved like 2015s. Olly has to stop Maximus before Santa goes off on his sleigh.

“Traveling down the lane. We know Santa watches o’er us all. Are we good or bad? Santa knows, Santa knows, Santa knoooooooows!” sung Olly in a jolly mood. “Pffft!! Pathetic Christmas singing Olly. It’s as if you’ve never got a proper voice! I’ve more of singing’ voice, and I’m terrible!!” said Maximus. “MAXIMUS?! HOW??!!”

The battle commenced. The 2nd battle for Christmas. Olly has trained for this moment. “Let’s battle!!”

Oren Osborne – 5th – Woolwine Elementary School


Santa came to my house. On December 24, 2019 a boy named John heard a noise on the roof. John thought it was a robber. He thought he was just hearing something so he went to sleep. The next morning John went down stairs and saw presents so he yelled, “SANTA CAME! SANTA CAME!” John’s parents came rushing down stairs. So, after John and his parents ate, they opened parents and at 5:00 pm they said grace and then ate. After John ate, he went to play with his Christmas presents after an hour or so John had to go to bed.

Perry Hicks – 5th – Woolwine Elementary School


Christmas Time!

When you wake up in the Moring and there’s snow on the ground you know immediately SCHOOLS CANCELLED!

You can Play outside make a snowman call your friends and have a snowball fight. But then we have school the next day and before you know its Christmas break you can visit family and have sleepovers with friends. And soon it’s time to put up your Christmas tree and make cookies. Soon it’s Christmas Eve you put cookies and milk out for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. You wake up in the morning its Christmas morning there’s snow on the ground and there presents under the tree the cookies and milk where gone and so was the carrots. Soon its new years and then you have to go back to school.

Phoenix Hailey – 5th – Woolwine Elementary School


It was Christmas morning

All were in bed

Except little Timmy

Creeping out of bed

He tip-toed into the living room

Looked all around

And then he heard a big boom

And there was a round man

Who was that round man?

Was it Santa?

He didn’t know

All he knew is that he was holding some Fanta

He ran upstairs and yelled intruder

His mom came down

And there was a big black computer

And then everyone came down

Was it Santa?

Who knows?

But all lonely he left his Fanta

Till this day no one knows

William Moore – 5th – Woolwine Elementary School


Once upon a time, there was a reef. It was getting very cold very far away, and that reef just so happened to be the reef that all the other fish traveled to in order to stay warm. During their migration trip, there was a baby sea turtle that wandered off. A great hammerhead shark saw the baby sea turtle. He swam up to him and said, “where are your parents?”The baby sea turtle said,” I got lost, and now I can’t find them.” Then the sea turtle also said, “please don’t eat me.” The shark said “I will not eat you.” The shark said, “for now, you will be spending Christmas at my place. “The next morning, the shark helped the sea turtle find his parents, and every year after the sea turtle family would visit the great hammer head’s house and enjoy a new family tradition. They lived happily ever after — the end.
Wheeler Helms – 5th -Stuart Elementary School


Santa’s Dog

Hi! My name’s Muffin! I’m Santa’s dog. If you were wondering, I’m his guard dog. Every Christmas Eve, I ride in the sleigh with Mr. Clause. Almost every year something happens and I have to do my job. But one year… it got really crazy!

It was Christmas Eve in 2017. Everything was jolly. Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph were all doing just fine. But something went wrong with the sleigh’s engine. The exhaust was spitting and spatting. We slowed down and landed to see what was wrong.

Candi, one of Santa’s top elves, got out to check. Sprite was also in the sleigh. He was the mechanical elf, yet Candi insisted on getting out. She checked it quickly and reported back. She said to Santa, “Looks fine to me, Mr. Clause!” She hopped back in the sleigh and we took off in the air.

About fifteen minutes later, and after visiting 20 houses, the sleigh started plummeting! Santa tried to control where the sleigh would land, but we crashed into a tree. We were right in the middle of a park, yet nobody was there. “Are you guys okay,” I yelped. “Yes, Muffin,” Candi, Sprite, and Santa replied.

The reindeer were resting on the snowy ground, and Sprite was under the sleigh working on the engine. The rest of us were resting on a bench until I saw a group of kids in the distance. I ran over there to distract them. Yet, one of them saw the glossy red sleigh. He said, “Guys, look! It’s Santa! And all his reindeer! Also, some elves! “The others said, “Whoa! The sleigh crashed guys, just stay back!” They looked at me in awe. “Talking dog,” one of them exclaimed. They ran over to the sleigh. Another group of people spotted us and dashed over.

Soon enough there were news reporters and helicopters. I finally got the courage to grab a reporter’s microphone. The microphone was hooked to a large speaker so everybody in the park could hear “Everyone, listen up! Seeing Santa and his elves, and also a talking dog must be exciting! But we need you to leave, so we can fix the sleigh. Please and thanks!” I know they were wondering “Why should we listen to a dog? “

Soon enough everyone left and Sprite finished! We flew up in the sky and eventually got to every house. When we got back to the North Pole, we all fell over and went to sleep.

That Christmas was pretty crazy! I hope there are none like that in the future.

Merry Christmas!

Saidie Wingfield -Grade 6 -Woolwine Elementary School


Christmas Is Here

I’ve been waiting for Christmas all year,

I can’t believe it’s finally here.

I’ve been waiting for Christmas all year,

Now Santa is getting near.

Can you hear the jingle bells jingling?

Can you hear the children singing?

Reindeer up so high

Sailing across the Christmas sky.

Autumn Stowe – Grade 6 -Woolwine Elementary School


The Dog’s Christmas

On Christmas Eve a dog named Rose wanted a home. She lived in the woods all by herself. She wrote a letter to Santa that she would get a home. She sent the letter and then went and sat next to a tree to get warm and went to sleep. She woke up on Christmas morning and saw a dog beside her and she was in a house. The dog’s name was Amy and they played together all day. Rose wrote a thank you letter to Santa for giving her a home and a friend.

Brandi Gregory – 6th Grade – Stuart Elementary School


What Christmas Means to Me

What Christmas means to me is putting up the tree and spending time with family.

What Christmas means to me is leaving cookies out at night and hoping to hear Santa’s reindeer take flight.

What Christmas means to me is opening gifts from Old St. Nick and eating so much food I begin to feel sick.

What Christmas means to me is going to my grandparent’s house, when we say the blessing, it’s quiet as a mouse.

What Christmas means to me is singing Christmas carols with friends and hoping the night never ends.

What Christmas means to me is spreading lots of joy to less fortunate little girls and boys.

Most importantly, what Christmas means to me is remembering the reason for why we celebrate the season.

Braydon Priest – Grade 6- Woolwine Elementary School


The Stolen Tree

At the center of the village stood a tall proud fir tree. Each year the people gather to decorate and honor this beautiful tree. Zack and Cole are two brothers who lived in the village. After the celebration, Zack and Cole went up the mountain to their favorite cave. They loved to look down at the village and see the bright lights on the tree.

One evening while they were at the cave, they saw the lights go out. They hurried down to the village to see what had happened. When they got there, the tree was gone and a note was in its place. The note read, “I have taken the tree far away. I don’t believe in happiness since I’ve never had any. May you be as sad as I am.” It was signed by Jack, The Ice King.

Zack and Cole headed out to find Jack. They talked about why someone would be so sad and how they could help him. They soon found Jack’s kingdom and spotted his castle. As they walked, they noticed that everyone seemed afraid. When they entered the castle, they found King Jack.” Why did you take our tree? What if you make a tree for your kingdom for everyone to decorate it and celebrate each year like we do?” asked Zack. King Jack thought about this. King Jack created a beautiful tree and asked everyone to decorate it. With smiles on their faces, the people came out to help. They thanked him and everyone had a wonderful time.

King Jack was so happy that he returned the tree to the village, after he added just a dusting of ice to make the tree shine. Zack and Cole were so happy as they looked down on the village from the cave to see the beautiful tree that had made everyone happy again. Ice King Jack and his village were also happy with their beautiful tree.

Elijah Rorrer- Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School


The Appearance of Alien Santa

David woke up from his bed one Christmas night and walked outside. There was a disk in the sky that was whizzing by every house dropping square, round, and any other shape of presents out of a hole in the bottom of the disk. David ran back inside but the ship landed on top of his house and a mysterious figure jumped down his chimney. The little boy peeked inside the room beside him and saw a big fat alien with a white beard, a red hat, a sack, and a red coat. The alien looked at the boy and was anxious. Once the alien finished putting all the presents under the tree, he jumped away and went back up the chimney.

The next morning the parents turned on the news and heard, “UFO Spotted in Woolwine, VA, Dec 25, 2018.” His parents were unconvinced and went on with their usual morning. Everyone in the area was scared, but curious, about the figure that had appeared. David was walking home from school and saw what looked like a giant iron ship laying in the dirt, far out in the field. Since this was another route to his house, he decided to walk it. When he got close to the ship, he felt bad, as if something was watching him. He looked behind him and saw a pale green body walking towards him. It was tall, skinny, and looked like something from a different planet. David began to run, but the alien chased him and ended up catching him. The alien handed him a present and left to go back to his ship.

David went home and told his parents about his adventure. This time they believed his story. Since then, every Christmas has been celebrated with an alien Santa who has always befriended people that he has met during the Christmas season.

Denali Zimmerman – Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School


How Bad I Messed Up

It all started on a typical December 23. It was cold outside and snowing. Most importantly, Santa’s workshop was hectic! Toys were being made, toy cars were being rolled, the reindeers were practicing flight, and Santa was looking at his “Naughty or Nice” list. I was writing the name tags to put on the gifts.

Jacklyn hadn’t been too good this year, I thought. But I accidently put Jaylin’s name tag on Jacklyn’s bag of coal. Of course, me being an elf and all I thought I never made mistakes… well I was wrong.

The day I finally noticed the nametag mix-up was during the beautiful day of December 25, A.K.A Christmas, the best day of the year. Anyway, I noticed, but when I did it was awful. I had realized how bad I messed up and how disappointed little Jaylin was.

When Santa got back, I told him what had happened. I told him that he didn’t have to fire me, that I’d quit. “Everyone makes mistakes, and I don’t want you quitting,” said Santa. “Well, what are we going to do?” I asked. “I don’t know,” said Santa.

Santa and I were thinking, and thinking, and thinking! Then finally we figured out a solution! Santa had to get Jaylin’s bag of coal that was supposed to be Jacklyn’s and I had to go to Jacklyn’s house and get her gift that belonged to Jaylin. Easier said than done. Santa and I slept all day so we wouldn’t be tired. Then it was finally time to execute our plan. Santa used his magic to get to Jaylin’s house and I rode Rudolph to Jacklyn’s house. Santa had the coal and I had the gift. We exchanged them and went back to their homes and put the coal gift where it belonged and the baby doll gift where it belonged. “Thank goodness that’s over,” I thought. That day I learned a lesson: small things lead to big outcomes.

Devon Booth – Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School


Elf at the City

Robert was an elf who believed that he could be in the city. It started in the workshop when he wished that he could go on the sled with Santa to New York City. Santa said, “No elves can go with me now go back to making toys for kids.”

When Christmas came Robert sneaked into the sled. He knew that Santa was going to the city first. When Santa got into the sled to go Robert knew it was going to be fun, but he knew if Santa saw him, he couldn’t go. Robert was in the bag of present for the city kids. It was uncomfortable but he knew that was what he had to do.

Thirty minutes later, Santa stopped at the first house in the city. Robert knew that Santa might see him, so he moved into the bag. When Santa saw the cookies and milk, Robert snuck out of the bag and ran outside. Robert was so happy he could scream, but he couldn’t rick being heard.

Robert walked and walked until he saw a house that he could buy. Since he needed a job, he went to a place called Santa’s workshop. He knew this was not the real workshop but it was a job. Years have passed and Robert is happy that he ran away from Santa’s workshop, the real workshop. Although he is happy to all see the seasons, he is also sad because he misses his friends at the North Pole.

Gracie Marshall – Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School


My Christmas

My Christmas is always very complicated. I have a lot of family traditions that most people don’t have. This year I’m going to take you along on this journey. So, let’s start off with my name, my name is Bella. I have a huge family. I have three brothers and four sisters, my brothers’ names are James, Lucas, and Leo. My sisters’ names are Mia, Skylar (we call her Sky), Gabriella (we call her Gabi sometimes), and Madeline (we call her Maddie). And there is my mom and my dad.

So, I’m going to tell you about what all I do on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. So, first, we have Christmas at my house on Christmas Eve with just my family that lives in my house. After that we drive down to my uncle’s house (my mom’s brother) and stay the night there without cousins and family on my mom’s side. Then the next morning we have a Christmas there then leave for my aunt’s house (my dad’s sister). We have Christmas there with my dad’s side of the family and then we stay the night there.

So, you may be wondering how my family traditions are so weird. Well it’s my family, instead of hanging out stockings at our fireplace, we hide our stockings in random places. Another thing we do is hang a corn ornament and whoever finds it gets twenty dollars (it is really hard to find). There is another one that we do and all of the kids under the age of 13 in the family sit outside and carve wood and sand it and then we put it in our rooms. So that is all of the family traditions that I have in my family.

Ella Jones – 6th Grade – Stuart Elementary School


Christmas Story

There once was a man named Nicholas and he loved giving things to others. He was really good at making things, then one day he had an idea! Why didn’t he start making toys for the kids in his town? So soon after that he started to make toys for the kids. Then on December 24 he told all the parents his idea. So, they left their doors unlocked and he left presents near the fireplace and his idea got some people in other towns to do the same and that’s why some people call Santa Claus St. Nicholas.

Haley Rakes – 6th Grade – Stuart Elementary School


How I Got What I Wanted for Christmas
It was Christmas Eve night. We were all excited for Christmas day. All of us were sitting on the couch watching a Christmas movie while sipping our hot chocolate. When our movie was finished, we went to bed. I slept on the couch so I could see the one and only Santa Claus.
It was late when I finally went to sleep. Later that night, I heard rustling in the chimney. I quickly shoved my head under the blanket and only showed my eyes. It was Santa. I nervously stood up to greet him, and when I did, he told me to keep the noise down. I asked him for something, because I knew my parents didn’t get it for me.
He said maybe I could have it. Then he told me, “Follow me.” So, Santa pulled me up the chimney and onto his sleigh. It was a cold and long trip, but we finally arrived. I asked Santa “Where are we?”. He replied with happy cheers, “My workshop”! We walked in to seeing the elves working hard to make presents for the whole world. I was so happy and surprised to be where I was. I was at Santa’s workshop!
He told me I couldn’t watch the elves make toys because there was a surprise for me. The elves were finally finished, and Santa told me to hop on his sleigh so we could deliver presents. It was a long adventure to each and every house. It went on forever, and then we reached the final destination. We had arrived at my house. Santa reached way down into his bag to get something for me. He told me to open it on Christmas morning and if I didn’t there would be nothing there. I said “okay Santa, I won’t open it.”
The next morning, I woke up, and I was very excited. It was about the time when everyone gathers around the Christmas tree. Presents were handed out one by one. There was one more present. It was from Santa to me. It was what I wanted for Christmas.
Hunter Roberts – Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

In the meadow we can build a snowman. Ahh, do you love the cold weather and the snow plummeting on the ground, it’s beautiful. The trees are white, the ground is glistening with snow. We all love winter, no school for the children around. On Christmas we open presents and show love and joy with loved ones. Spread the love to all of the people you meet; maybe go caroling, giving out Christmas cards to people you know, or simply say Merry Christmas to anyone you meet along the way.

We could pretend he was parson and brown. Making a snowman is an amazing thing to do, spending hours at a time creating something beautiful for others in your neighborhood to see and moon over. We can also put up decor and holiday blow ups of spectacular winter animals like, polar bears, reindeer, snowmen, penguins, and way more! You can’t have a Christmas without a tree!

We’ll have a bunch of fun with Mister Snowman. There are many different traditions like, handing popcorn on a tree, putting up special ornaments or decor. Some people go to the Tanglewood Festival of Lights. There’s a bunch of things to do to make a tradition.

Until the little kids knock him down. To help the ones that are in need you can give a food bank some resources for the homeless. Also, you can give a foster home or Saint Jude’s home for the kids with cancer. Just one present or can food can save the needed.

Later on, we’ll be spire as we dream by the fire to face unafraid the plans that we’ve made Walking in a winter wonderland. Don’t you love winter the snow, cold weather, making snowmen, traditions, and helping the needy. So, remember Christmas is the time for all to be happy. HO. HO. HO.

Joey Sobolewski – 6th Grade – Stuart Elementary School


Catsa Claws

Every year on Christmas Eve I could hear a slight Ho Ho as I drifted off to sleep. I knew who it was. But then one year I got to thinking, “Who is this Santa” So I decided I was going to find out.

One week before Christmas I got to work. I made two traps to catch Santa. I was going to use one each year. The one I was going to use first was a string tied to a cookie so when Santa took the cookie, he would be all tied up. The second trap was a motion sensor camera and a t-shirt cannon. When the camera saw Santa, the cannon would shoot a net at him.

After two years of trying I got nothing until I checked the camera footage. What I saw shocked me! I didn’t see a man; I saw a cat! I fainted and when I woke up, I was in my parents’ bed and a doctor was sitting next to me. After the doctor left, my parents began asking me about what happened. I said, “Santa is a cat!” Of course, no one I told believed me. But I was going to prove them wrong. I made one last trap. I used the same motion sensor camera, and I set it up to a cage that would drop down onto Santa. For bait, I put a whole pound of catnip under the cage for the magic cat and Then I went to bed.

When I woke up, I checked the trap.  I was shocked to see that it worked somewhat. All of the catnip was gone, and there was a giant whole in the side of the cage. I was about to give up until I watched the news “A cat wearing a Santa hat is terrorizing the city!” the newsman reported. “Uh, oh,” I said. “I caused this. I have to catch him!” I waited one hour and used the news to track him. Then I went out with a cage and a box of treats. A few hours later Santa Clause was going to the North Pole, or should I say, Catsa Claws.

Johnathan Harbour – Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School



Mable’s Christmas

One night there was a bang on the roof, so I looked outside and saw a sleigh that had reindeer on it. I went back inside my house, and there he was, Old Saint Nick! Santa was putting different kinds of presents under my Christmas tree and toys in our stockings. Then Santa looked up and saw me then he snapped his fingers and just disappeared.

The next morning, I awaken my parents and my siblings. We all headed downstairs. After we opened our presents, I told Mom and Dad that I saw Santa Claus, and they just laughed at me! They did not believe me, so they pulled up the camera they only saw me. They did not see Santa at all. Mom said, “See there was nothing there.” Dad said, “You were probably sleepwalking.” I said, “No, I was not, I promise. “

So that night I headed upstairs and there he was again. Santa said, “Hi, Mable!” I was shocked. Santa said, “I need your help. Will you help me, Mable?” I said “Of course.” “Will you help me get your parents to believe?” “I said that I would I went to my mom and Dad’s room and asked them why they didn’t believe in Santa. They said, “Well, we just don’t believe!”. I said, “Look beside me and say, Santa Claus let me see. “Then They said what I told them then and they saw Santa!

Mom said, “Is that really you?” Santa said, “Yes Mary it is me!” Dad said, “No way!” He was shocked. They still said that Santa was fake and that they still didn’t believe. Then Santa snapped his fingers and then we went to the North Pole. They said, “Ok, ok, we believe then we all woke up in our beds. Mom went outside to make sure that we were home. From that day on my mother and my dad believe in Santa Claus. Do you believe in Santa Clause? Well, I do. Do not forget. Gifts and toys are not what Christmas is all about. It is about Jesus and his birthday. Have a great Christmas!

Karley Roberts – Grade 6- Woolwine Elementary School


The Magical Key

Once upon a time there was a girl named Ally. She loved Christmas! She loved getting candy, presents, and having a big nice meal. On Christmas Eve night, Ally put out cookies and milk, in hopes that Santa would bring lots of candy and presents.

When Ally woke up, she couldn’t believe that there was no candy in her Christmas stocking. She said, “But I’m sure I still have lots of presents.” So, she ran downstairs, and she saw not lots of presents, but only one small gift.  With tears in her eyes, she sat by the Christmas tree. Ally finally decided to open the present, but on the present, she saw a special note that read:

“Dear Ally, this present has magical powers if used as instructed. This present holds the key to eternity. I hope you enjoy this gift, not just today, but everyday of your life. Love, Santa. “

When she finally opened the present, she found a book. She was surprised and at the same time, somewhat disappointed. She thought the book might still, possibly, hold the magical key. Ally searched through every page of the book but never found the key. With tears in her eyes, and her heart full of disappointment, she walked outside to throw the book in the trash can. Just as she started to throw the book away the garbage man said, “Dear why are you throwing that wonderful book away?” Ally said, “Well, it is not magical or wonderful because the key is missing.” She explained to the garbage man what the note from Santa had said.  He smiled and said, “Dear but the key is still in that book.” She looked puzzled and said, “But I looked through every page.”  The garbage man explained that the key was not a physical key, it was the key of knowledge …the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and his sacrifices.

Ally was amazed as she listened to the stories that this book called the Bible contained. For the first time she knew the real meaning of Christmas. She realized that this book was the greatest present she could ever receive. Ally reached into the trash can to pull the book out, and when she looked back at the garbage man to thank him, he had disappeared. Ally ran back inside to tell her mom what the garbage man had told her about this wonderful book and her mom said, “Honey, I think that’s great, but the garbage truck does not run on Christmas.” Ally smiled and sat down and started to read her Bible.

Kendra Worley – Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School


It’s Christmas Time!

Christmas is here,

Christmas is here

Let’s get together and cheer.

The reindeer, wet noses,

Santa in his sleigh

Ready to give those presents away.

Down the sooty chimney

Placing the presents under the tree

About to leave, but what does he see?

Cookies and milk sitting on the table,

Along with a note

That the little girl wrote.

Merry Christmas, Santa!

And with a Ho, Ho, Ho

Up the chimney he rose.

Marlee Boyd – Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School


Santa’s Magical Sleigh

It was a Christmas Eve like no other. Jamie and her younger sister Sarah were sitting by the fireplace. They were wrapped in blankets and drinking hot chocolate.  Sarah was planning to sit up all night to watch for Santa.  Jamie watched the snowfall outside the window.  Sarah asked “What time do you think Santa will come?”  Jamie replied “Don’t be silly Sarah, Santa does not exist!” Jamie, like a lot of eleven-year-olds, doesn’t believe in Santa.  Sarah yelled “Santa is real!”

Just then their mom came into the living room, “Girls you need to go to bed.” Santa will not come if you are arguing and still up.”  Sarah said “Ok Mommy.”  “You too, Jamie,” said her mom.  Jamie mumbled, “I don’t see the point. You and dad are just going to hide our presents under the tree.”  Her dad yelled from the kitchen, “Go to bed, Jamie!”  She grabbed her blanket and headed upstairs.  She crawled into bed and turned out the light.  Just then she heard a noise outside. She turned the light back on and looked out the window.  She didn’t see anything and went back to bed.

Then Jamie heard her bedroom door open, she pulled the covers over her head.  She heard Sarah whisper, “Jamie, Jamie.” “What do you want, Sarah?” Jamie asked as she turned on the light.  Sarah said,” I just saw Santa on the roof.”  Jamie sighed, “Sarah I told you to quit being silly, and don’t believe in things you cannot see.”  “But I did see Santa I did!” screamed Sarah.  Jamie said, “I bet he was in a red sleigh and had eight reindeer!”  “No, the sleigh is actually black.”  replied Sarah.  Jamie told Sarah to get in bed with her.  If Sarah did not go to sleep Jamie knew she would not get any sleep.  Sarah got in Jamie’s bed and soon was fast asleep.

Jamie laid in bed thinking about how silly it was to believe in something you can’t see.  Just then she heard another noise.  She got up, put on her robe and crept up to the attic.  She found a long stick of sparkling gold. It looked like a wand but was shaped like a large stylus on the end.  Then Jamie heard, “HO! HO! HO!” She went to the window and there on the roof was SANTA!  Jamie rubbed her eyes really hard and shook her head.  “Well, hello, Jamie,” said Santa.  “I’m so glad you found my stylus. I thought I had lost it.” Jamie said, “Hello,” as she handed the large stylus to Santa.  Santa asked Jamie, “Would you like to help me finish the neighborhood?”  Jamie replied, “I guess,” in a skeptical voice.  “Climb aboard!”  Santa exclaimed.

Santa took the reins and handed Jamie the large stylus.  He told her to point it to the large screen on the dash of the sleigh.  Jamie pointed, the stylus and suddenly the, sleigh jumped through the screen.  The sleigh came to a stop on some sand.  “Where are we?” asked Jamie.  “Just watch,” said Santa.  Jamie watched and saw Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the three wise men, and even the shepherd boy.  Santa asked, “Do you know where we are?”  Jamie replied “Bethlehem, its Jesus’ birth!”  Santa asked “Do you believe that Jesus was a gift from God?”  “Oh, yes, Santa!” as she watched in amazement!  Santa said, “We better move on,” and off went the sleigh but it suddenly stopped again.  This time they were at the hospital where Jamie was born.  Jamie saw her parents with a baby.  “Is that me?”  Jamie asked.  Santa replied, “Yes, do you believe that your parents were filled with love the day you were born?”  “Oh! Yes, Santa!”  Jamie chanted.  The next stop was Jamie’s school.  There Jamie saw herself in the school play.  Jamie said excitedly, “I remember this. I was so happy. I had the lead part.” Santa asked, “Did you believe in yourself?”

“Oh! Yes, Santa,” Jamie replied.

When they finished delivering gifts to the rest of the neighborhood, Santa took Jamie home.  Jamie thanked him for the incredible ride.  Santa told Jamie, “It was my pleasure, sweet girl, but I hope you will believe, not only in what you can see, but most importantly, in what you cannot always see. Sometimes the best things in life are not visible to the eye but felt with belief in the heart.”  “Oh, yes, Santa, I will!”  Cried Jamie. Jamie hugged Santa and ran back inside. The next morning Jamie and Sarah each got.   a bright, gold stylus in her stocking. This reminded Jamie to always remember to BELIEVE!!

Kiley Martin – 6th grade – Woolwine Elementary School


-The Present

Once upon a time, there were three children named Lana, Luke, and Linzy. They loved Christmas a lot. Every Christmas, they would make a cake for Jesus. After making the cake and eating some slices, they would pray for Jesus to have a wonderful birthday. Here is how their story goes.

One day, Lana, Luke, and Linzy woke up on Christmas morning, and they saw a beautiful present. It was gold with white stripes, and it was for all of them. But it didn’t say who it was from. At first, they were confused. ¨I didn’t want a present this big,” complained Luke. ¨I wanted a toy fire truck.” This present isn’t just for you, Nick,” said Lana. ¨Well, it doesn’t matter,” said Luke. ¨Let´s just not fight and open this present,” said Linzy.

So, they opened the present, and inside was a treasure map! ¨What is this?” exclaimed Luke and Lana. Looks like a treasure map!” Said Linzy. ¨Well, a fire truck is better than an old treasure map that probably isn’t worth anything,” grumbled Luke ¨Luke!” yelled Lana and Linzy. ¨What?” asked Luke. “Never mind,” said Lana and Linzy.

They took a look at the treasure map, and it glistened in the light. ¨Woah!” said Lana, it’s beautiful!” ¨Look!” said Linzy. “There is an X on the map!” ¨Maybe the X leads to something special or valuable!” Luke gasped, ¨like a toy fire truck?!” ¨Luke!” yelled Lana and Linzy. ¨Okay, okay I will stop,” said Luke.

So, the adventurers, Lana, Luke, and Linzy, were on a journey to find the X. ¨We turn left now,” said Linzy. ¨We still have a long journey ahead of us.” ¨Oh, no!” cried Lana and Luke.

A couple of hours later, they found the X. ¨Here we are!” exclaimed Linzy. ¨Good.” replied Lana and Luke. ¨Lets dig and see what is hiding underneath!” said Linzy. So, they digged, and digged, and digged until they found a beautiful chest. In the chest was a note. ¨What?!” said Luke. ¨We came all the way out here just for a note?!” ¨Calm down, Luke!” said Lana and Linzy. ¨Let´s read the note.”

They opened the note carefully, and the note said, ¨Dear Lana, Linzy, and Luke, I have been watching you lately. Since you all are very nice most of the time, this is for you.” ¨It isn’t signed,” said Linzy. Then the chest slammed shut. BAM! They opened it again, and found a lot of different toys! There were toy fire trucks, dolls, and more different things! ¨Wow!” said the children. ¨This is awesome!” ¨Let´s take them home and start playing!”

From then on, they were grateful for what they got— big or small, large or tall.

Lily Troxler- Grade 6 – Woolwine Elementary School


Christmas Trip to Space

It was December 15th, almost Christmas, when Frank Borman got a call from NASA that he would have to come to work on Christmas.  He didn’t know how he would explain this to his wife and kids, but his boss threatened to fire him if he didn’t show up.

NASA made Frank come to work because they would be going into space and they wanted him to be an astronaut for the Apollo 8 mission around the moon.  Although Frank may not see his family on Christmas this was still a once in a lifetime opportunity, plus he might lose his job if he didn’t go.

That night at dinner Frank told his family about him having to go to work for the Apollo 8 mission on Christmas.  The kids weren’t so happy because they wouldn’t see their dad on Christmas, but his wife Susan agreed with him and thought it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and that he should go and do it.

About five days later, while he was packing for the trip around the moon, he got a call from NASA saying that since it would be Christmas while he was in space that he could bring some family members with him, but no more than 4 people.  Frank had three kids and a wife.

That night he told his wife and kids about the good news and they were very happy.  That morning after they packed their things they went to NASA where they launch the rockets.   They waited there for about three hours while they checked to see if everything was good and to make sure there weren’t any malfunctions.  When they got into the rocket, they were very excited.

They launched into space that day and stayed there for fourteen days.  They experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity on Christmas! What better way could you possibly spend Christmas?

Arienah Evans – 7th – Woolwine Elementary


A Leap of Faith

It was one week until Christmas Eve. Everybody was getting ready for the big night. Santa was resting and, the elves were making finishing touches on the toys and gifts. The technician elves were analyzing Santa’s sleigh to see if anything was wrong. Lastly, the reindeer were practicing for their big flight. What could go wrong?

Now it was 5 days until Christmas Eve. It was time for the yearly reindeer check-ups to make sure each reindeer is healthy and can stand the flight. The reindeer were Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and, lastly, of course, was Rudolph. The elf vet said that all of them looked fine, except Rudolph.

“I am sorry, but he cannot stand the flight. Rudolph has gotten an illness called hay fever. You will have to go without him,” the concerned vet said. “But he is my top reindeer, I cannot find a replacement in this short time,” Santa said worriedly. “You could always put in Olive. He is not the worst reindeer, he is just a little clumsy, that’s all,” suggested the vet positively. “I guess, I have no choice,” replied Santa.

Olive is the tenth reindeer, but Santa doesn’t use him because he always seems to mess things up. Last Christmas, all he had to do was deliver the toys to the next section since the toy machine broke. But no, he had to be lazy and put the whole thing of toys down the machine, anyway. The elves had to start over! So Olive is a lazy, clumsy mess.

Now it was time for the reindeer to practice. Olive was up and ready. First, they had to do some leg stretches and then the flying. Olive had no problem with the stretches, but there was a problem. Olive may had forgotten how to fly. He tried, and tried, and kept on trying, but nothing seemed to happen. This was not a little problem, this was major.

All the elves told Olive to go to the magical elf. This elf can help with any problems. So that is where Olive went. Pepper was the magical elf. She was one of the most useful elves. Olive thought he was a lost cause, but it was worth a try.

“Hello, my name is Olive. I am here because….”  “Oh, I know why you’re here. You cannot fly. Well, lucky for you, I have a medicine that can cure you right up. It is called courage, but this is no liquid. It is a feeling. In order to have it, you have to have some faith in yourself,” sweetly explained Pepper. “How am I supposed to have it?” asked Olive. “All you have to do is take a leap of faith,” said Pepper enthusiastically.

It was the day of the big flight. Olive was worried that he would not be able to fly. All he could do was try. The sleigh was ready, and the harnesses were on the reindeer. It was time. All the reindeer started to lift their feet up off the ground and there they went, flying in the night sky, even Olive!

This year’s Christmas was a success! Everything went smoothly. Maybe Olive could be the leader of the sleigh every year, but I don’t think Rudolph would be happy with that. Now, Olive gets to fly every year. He learned that he had to take a leap of faith to do the things that he thought were impossible.

Autumn King – 7th – Woolwine Elementary


Christmas Eve

Cheers of joy all through the town,

Have you ever heard such a sound?

Reindeer are standing in every yard,

I can see them from afar.

Listen to the sleigh bells ringing,

Hear the voices of children singing.

My friends and I walk through the streets,

Looking at all the Christmas trees.

Santa will be here in his sleigh,

And tomorrow will be Christmas Day!!

Hunter Pendleton – 7th- Woolwine Elementary


The Magical Day Before Christmas

One morning on Christmas Eve all the kids were asleep. Their mother was downstairs making hot cocoa. When she was finished, she yelled, “John, Christopher, Karen, and David come down here.’’ They all came rushing down, along with their dog Ginger. ‘’Can we go outside?’’ they begged. Their mom said, ‘’Yes, you may.’’ They went upstairs and got their gloves and coats on. When they went outside, they started building snowmen and more.

Their mom called for them and said,’’ We are going to the mountain to go skiing.’’ They got in the car and drove there. When they got to the top, the operator beckoned John to go. He fell on his butt. Everybody started laughing, even him. They all went over-and-over again. They decided to go to the store when they finished. They bought ingredients to make cookies. They went home and started making the cookies.

After they made cookies, they had a snowball fight. They took cover behind trees and threw rapidly. In the house their mom was cooking dinner, and making cookies and gingerbread men. By the time they got inside, the cookies and gingerbread men were ready to decorate.

They went to sleep all wrapped in their blankets. Christopher heard something and rushed to his window. He saw reindeer pulling a sleigh, but nobody was in the sleigh. He ran to their Christmas tree. There he was! Santa had a big white beard and pink cheeks!

Christopher went to get his camera, but when he got back the big jolly man was gone. Christopher went back to sleep. It was a beautiful, white Christmas morning when they woke up. They rushed downstairs to the sound of music. They opened their presents and played with them. They all gathered around, and sang a song at the end of the day. Christopher hoped that Santa would visit them again next year.

Jackson Iacovone – 7th – Woolwine Elementary


A Wonderful Christmas

All around the little town

Bells are ringing very loud.

The presents are under the tree

As we all wait and smile with glee.

My granddad says Christmas is here

So, we children dance with great cheer.

Yes, it’s over, it couldn’t last

I hope next year goes by fast.

Kameryn L. McMillian -7th – Woolwine Elementary


The Perfect Tree

Three day before Christmas Jackie and her little brother Tyler were decorating and they forgot to get a tree.  Last year Tyler’s cat, Diabla, jumped on the fake tree and messed it up.  This year Jackie and Tyler wanted a real tree.  They said they would get it tomorrow.

Two days before Christmas Jackie and Tyler headed to Christmas Trees for Days.  When they arrived, there were so many trees to choose from.  Tyler wanted an itty, bitty, tiny tree and Jackie wanted a huge tree.  So, Jackie and Tyler made a deal that they would get a tree that is small but big.  Jackie and Tyler were there for about four hours.  They searched for so long and were about to leave when they saw the perfect tree. They asked the lady to wrap it in a net.  They put it on the car and went home.

One day before Christmas they woke up and went to the car.  They took the tree off the car and carried it to the living room.  They decorated it for awhile, but Tyler got tired and went to take a nap.  Two hours later Jackie woke up Tyler yelling that the tree was all done.  Tyler loved the tree.   After that they went to bed.

Zero days before Christmas.  They opened their presents, watched a few Christmas movies, and just had fun.  Time passed and they fell asleep.

Lilly McDowell- Grade 7th – Woolwine Elementary



Rudolph: The Story

One foggy Christmas Eve, Santa was ready to go. He said goodbye to his elves and Mrs. Claus. When he got outside, he realized that it was too foggy. He wondered what he could do but had no ideas. “Oh, no!” he said. “If there is no way to see to get from house to house, then Christmas is ruined.”

He ran inside to tell everyone the bad news. The elves were shocked. “NO CHRISTMAS!?” one yelled. Santa sighed and quietly said, “No Christmas.” “NOO!” yelled the elves. They were as sad as Santa was. Mrs. Claus came downstairs. “What’s all the commotion about?” she asked. Santa told her about the weather. “Oh, no!” she cried. “What about all those little kids?” she asked. “I don’t know,” Santa said softly. Suddenly one of the elves had an idea. “SANTA, SANTA!!” he yelled. “Yes?” Santa asked. “I have an idea!” the elf said. “Really?” “That’s great!” Santa said. “Come with me!” the elf said. The elf led Santa to his shed. “What’s in here?” Santa asked. The elf replied, “We’ve been keeping him for very special occasions.” Santa hesitantly grabbed the little door. He turned the knob and was amazed.

“WOW!” Santa said. He had never seen anything like it. It was a small reindeer with a huge red glowing nose! The elf called the reindeer by name. “Rudolph! Come here!” he cried. The little reindeer slowly walked outside. “This is Rudolph,” the elf said. Without even asking, Rudolph ran and joined the other reindeer. The reindeer saw Rudolph and started to laugh. “Ha, Ha!” they said. “If Santa thinks that thing can help us, he must be crazy!” Rudolph was sad. He knew that he was different, but he didn’t like people rubbing it in his face. Santa came to the sleigh and said the magic words. “On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer, and Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen and on Rudolph!” he yelled with a joyful laugh. Christmas had been saved!

That night would not have been possible

if it hadn’t been for Rudolph! Every year since then Rudolph has led Santa through the foggy Christmas air, and the reindeer have gotten to like Rudolph! Every Christmas morning Santa thinks back to that one foggy Christmas Eve when Rudolph saved the night.

Emily Ring- Grade -7th – Woolwine Elementary


Santa’s Little Helper

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be one of Santa´s elves? I´m Holly, and I live at the North Pole. Being an elf can be fun but it is also a hard job at the same time. There are tons of elves just like me. We have both boys and girls. We all look like children, but in reality, some of us are over 300 years old!

On the night of Christmas Eve, we elves are running around trying to finish the last of the toys and loading up the sleigh. All the presents are nicely wrapped in bows and bright colors. Then we elves are off to get the reindeer. We hook them up to the sleigh and attach the special bells of Christmas. Now everything is ready to go. We do one last check to be positive everything is surely ready. Santa is ready for flight! When he takes off, he waves at everyone and then disappears into the distance.

Christmas Eve is the hardest day of the year. However, there are still other problems we elves face. When we paint our toys, we can´t paint them the wrong color. We can´t make the wrong toy and package it up for the wrong child. The joy of being able to gift the good kids of the world with toys is so special to all elves, and it makes us forget about all of the rough parts.

Outside of Santa´s Headquarters, we elves know how to have fun. We all love sledding and ice skating, but elf boarding is the best. You grab a Christmas tree and use it as a board to ride down a snowy hill, and the goal is to go the fastest. Elves are quite mischievous when it comes to games. We also love to play with the reindeer in all sorts of competitions and races. Being an elf is really fun with just a few bumps that aren’t so great.

Being an elf is such an honor, and we would not give it up for the world. Although it is complicated to make toys and paint them, seeing the joy on a child´s face is so special. It´s an important job for elves to make every sweet, good child´s Christmas special. That´s why being an elf is so wonderful, and I’m glad to be Santa´s little helper!

Whitley Kruse – 7th – Woolwine Elementary


The True Meaning of Christmas

We all know why Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year; all the presents that we wanted under the Christmas tree, family, and magical love. There’s more meaning to Christmas than just presents, family, and love, though: the birth of a Savior, the Prince of Peace, a birth that put shepherds on their knees. The Bible says in Luke 2:14 that the birth of Jesus resulted in “peace and good will toward men”.

The birth of our Savior Jesus Christ was a dramatic change to the whole universe, and even history. Jesus’ birth put the whole meaning of Christmas into motion, and even changed the course of history! This birth changed history because it led to many other main events, like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Christmas is the best time of the year to unite in prayer with family; it is the best time to celebrate the birth of a Savior.

Christmas is the best time of the year to declare our love for Christ and one another. Christmas represents Christ’s birth; therefore, Christians have to spread the cheer involved in Christmas. We individuals must understand that Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas. Of course, I don’t want to leave out family and finding true love. Christmas is peaceful, joyful, and a time to sit back and enjoy family and friends.

Christmas not only symbolizes the birth of Christ, but symbolizes love and family. Family is the most important thing to have as a life tool, other than Jesus himself. The true meaning of Christmas still remains apropos to the lifestyles and traditions of people. Many people don’t realize that their lifestyles and traditions reflect on Jesus, though. Many people don’t realize that the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ. There are many ways to recognize the true meaning of Christmas: The Bible, your parents, and your friends. Your family and friends should tell you the true meaning of Christmas because you’ll never truly be happy if they don’t.

There is more meaning to Christmas than just presents, family, and love; that is the birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible declares this statement in Luke 2; stating that Jesus brought “peace and good will toward men”. Overall, the true meaning of Christmas is Jesus Christ; and that means we must remember his birth apropos to our regular traditions. That’s what I believe is the true meaning of Christmas and why I emphasize the importance of it.

Samantha Tankersley -11th – Patrick County High School













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